Star Wars Battlefront Patches

These are the games we are developing the official internet multiplayer patch for on both the PC & PS2.


Credits for the previous OpenSpy master server go to CHC, Luigi, Soneek, Spanky, & Masaq:

Credits for SWBFSpy go to Phobos, who founded the SWBFSpy project on September 4th, 2013. The master server code is currently being upgraded using GameMaster and OpenSpy sources.

When SWBFSpy is finished an announcement shall be posted here. An official SWBFSpy Live Leaderboards page is also being added to track player stats, which will be visible here once ready:

The community hosts the SWBFspy Master Server along with game servers for PC and PS2 for both SWBF1 and SWBF2.

Questions or comments about the patches can be posted to

Players are welcome to join our community for help with modding, playing, and organized tournaments for SWBF and SWBF2!

Steam Guide of How to Install SWBFSpy Online Patch

Official SWBF Reddit Page

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