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Community Administrator Message 2018

Despite all the problems that came up during the past year of 2017, I decided to renew my position as Community Administrator, so far, at least until 2018 ends. After this it is certain that I will continue to support SWBFSpy in one way or another; but I may step down from the SWBFSpy Organization Dpt. to become a SWBFSpy Special Consultant, and pick a new Community Administrator out of all the Game Ambassadors. I'm not sure yet about this, though, it seems unlikely for me to do this at least until the MasterServer is totally in place with all its planned features. This last 2017 was hard with all the lies spread about me by two former community members in particular, along with some others. The two people in question, were well-known players who dug their own graves to be banished from our community. This is probably one of the things I hated most from the past 8 years as Community Administrator, but they gave us no choice. However, Anyder claims to have never discouraged my creation of SWBFSpy, but he is lying, as his actions prove he is against everything I do to help the community. Everyone should be mature enough to pick how and with who they want to play. Anyder has no right, as a non-admin, and also as a non-developer, of SWBFSpy, to be "calling the shots" of who gets banned from it. Good thing he has no power over SWBFSpy, only Led's fake MS. We could just write as many pages about Led & Anyder, the way they are doing with us, but, what will be the point (other than spreading the message of truth to expose the lies) ? Clearly Anyder and Led are not going to change their minds, and it doesn't mean, I'm going to stop doing all I have done for the community over the past 10 years, just because of them. After I became Community Administrator I contacted all the server owners and told them: It is up to each of you whether you want someone to join your servers or not, but a major decision will require all of the community's approval. Hopefully we'll have a great 2018 growing just as much as the past years, with new members and/or new mods, and this time without lying plagiarist trolls around such as Anyder who only try to kill and insult our amazing community, and the legacy of Star Wars Battlefront!

- Phobos, the SWBFSpy Administrator & Star Wars Battlefront Community Leader 2017-2018.

P.S. I'm so glad I finally kicked Anyder and Led out of the SWBF Community. They did a shit job at what I had temporarily trusted and delegated to them, and now they're profoundly upset that I took it away because of their abuse. Led, Anyder, and the other delusional minion trolls (listed below on the Community Blacklist) were not good for the SWBFSpy Community, and it is of massive benefit to everyone that I've permanently banned these hostilities once and for all.

Community Administrator Message 2017

Written July 6th 2017, Last Updated August 21 2017

Forward - Anyder was permbanned from [FC] and -={InViS}=- as of July 6th 2017 for malicious behavior. Among many other hostile actions, he attempted to discredit me for my community contributions, booted and banned me from public servers out of jealousy, and tried to usurp my SWBFSpy Leadership like a thief. Anyder is not a community ambassador and never was. He is also not the SWBFSpy Project Leader, as he contributed nothing, only tried to steal credit from others. I have screenshots of all his recent hostile actions. He is currently posing as an ambassador and admin of SWBFSpy, but the truth is that he has no involvement with the project. Same goes for Led, another poor poser who thinks he is admin, but in reality is nothing.

I remember back in September 2013 when [FC]Wolf and I decided to create an official replacement for the GameSpy master server which shut down in November 2012. We named our project SWBFSpy before anyone else had ever mentioned that name. We started with modifications to the OpenSpy source but didn't finish the project at that time. After Wolf went inactive, SWBFSpy became a solo project that was placed on hold after FAKEMaster was released, and I started creating The Walking Dead Battlefront mod. Fast forward to 2016 where Kalle shut down FAKEMaster. I was trying to save some money by not registering the SWBFSpy.com domain until the new MS was ready, but unfortunately I waited too long. Within days of me having posted about my idea for a "SWBFSpy" replacement server, Led/Buckler stole the .com domain registration, and then Anyder stole the SWBFSpy steam community registration, asserting himself as the unofficial SWBFSpy project leader/manager/admin and community ambassador, without authorization from the actual community leader, myself.

Anyder and Led had abused the power previously given to them (which they no longer have), by trying to usurp the original founders of SWBFSpy. Anyder discredited me for everything on SWBFSpy and refused to list me as a SWBFSpy admin on his fake Steam group. Anyder also started a new DET tournament, while publicly discrediting my plentiful contributions to the previous ICW tourneys. He copied my avatar like a poser, and tried to lock me out of my own clan website. He still hasn't gotten over losing to me in the DTC 2014. In May 2016, Led launched a fake MS after paying lots of money and getting help from others to set everything up, because he couldn't figure it out. Anyder copied my avatar + hex edits and tried to take credit for them, just like he tried stealing leadership of my SWBFSpy organization. At the time I wasn't too concerned with this because I was very busy with TWD mod, so I temporarily allowed such a "delegation" to happen. However, the disrespect and discrediting started to increase much more over the following months. At the beginning of July 2017, Anyder (who has access to Led's VPS) logged on and booted/banned me from the server out of severe jealousy that I created SWBFSpy, lying and pretending like he didn't know my name was Anubis. He then demoted me from his FAKESpy group out of jealousy once again. In return Anyder was first demoted and suspended, then booted from the [FC] evolve group, and then banned from the [FC] Clan & -={InViS}=- Team. I decided in Summer 2017 after about a year that I'd had enough with watching Anyder and Led trying to PLAgiarize and monopolize something that I was the original creator of, and revoked all authority from Anyder and Led. Due to this neccesary action, SWBFLamers has since been banned from the SWBF Community. Neither of those tyrants have any authority over SWBFModders.com or SWBFSpy.org

My plan during May/June 2017 was to register swbfspy.net and use this as the official SWBFSpy master server address. Unfortunately, Led decided to purchase this before I could, due to my trust test (that he failed of course, just like Anyder lol) of publicly announcing yet another SWBFSpy domain before purchasing it. Anyder quickly noticed my swbfspy.net post due to being a stalker with no life, and promptly informed Led about it. However, Led assumed it was already registered, so he didn't bother to steal it from me until about 6 weeks later, when he finally realized it hadn't been registered yet. Because of these 2 domains being stolen from me, in July 2017 I launched SWBFSpy.org, which is the official SWBFSpy master server for the original Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel by Pandemic. I wanted to make sure that justice was served and that I finished what I started, despite the pathetic attempts of Led and Anyder to steal what has always been my creation since 2013. The official steam group is simply named SWBFSpyOrg, because the steam group Anyder stole is fake and full of lies. In late July 2017 I launched SWBFModders.com as the official Star Wars Battlefront Community Modding Forums. Obviously, this is a domain I had intended to register for a long time, and was wise enough to never mention this address to anyone ever since I thought of it -- because just recently, Led registered SWBFLamers.net, thinking that he was preventing me from registering the "public modding forum" I had mentioned in my swbfspy.net post from May 2017. He also registered swbfspy.net around this time, so I know 100% beyond the shadow of a doubt, Led would have stolen the SWBFModders.com domain out of jealousy too if he had known about it in advance, just to discredit my efforts of keeping the SWBF community alive. He proved his jealousy once again in July 2017 with a false claim that Sereja is the best modder -- contradicting his previous recognition of myself being the best, and trying to censor TWD Battlefront, just like Nazitoast tried to do with Zombie Hotel. Update: Led has abused his power for the final time on July 29th 2017, proving once and for all that he is an ungrateful corrupt tyrant nazi. As you can see, Led is now banned from this website for crossing too many lines. Led is now a Poodoo troll.

SWBFModders.com is the neccesary replacement to SWBFLamers, as it has been corrupted by tyrannical admins, just like Nazitoast. All important SWBF modding knowledge from the past 13 years has been condensed/expanded with very little to no "filler posts" that have nothing to do with SWBF modding. We continue to develop ground-breaking new mods and modding tools, and everything of value for SWBF is being reuploaded to our community forum during the next few months. Led also refused my request to join SWBFDepot even before May 2017, so I am currently constructing an alternate version of that too, and in return I've also refused to let him be a member of any TWD Battlefront groups. I've recently been banned by Led from SWBFLamers for speaking the honest truth about SWBFSpy, but I have no regrets for doing so. He is a jealous coward who is now banned from SWBFModders and SWBFSpy forever. The fraud PLAigiarists are being exposed here and also, now I've forever permbanned all their IPs and VPS IPs from the real SWBFSpy Master Server, and all Official SWBF Community Websites. With SWBFSpy.org I'm providing an improved MS with far better features than the FAKESpy MS. So far the only trolls I've had to ban are Led, Anyder, Kalle, and Kishan. If any other hostilities present themselves, they will be banned too. Update Oct 2017: Kalle, Jean, Sandman, {PLA}gdh92, Shaking_Sniper, Commander Awesome, Davenport, Incognito, Gistech, Jdee-Barc, Drunken_Master, Red04 (CC-4398), RepComm, Tirpider, Tykylo, Thor110, Commander Hazard, 411Remnant/TwinkeyRunaway, and GoldMan27 are also now banned hostile trolls. Anyder, Led, and now Kalle are spreading even more lies, and trying to censor the official SWBFSpy websites on GameTracker and ModDB. Kalle lied by saying that I impersonated him and that "he is my code". These jealous cowards are writing more lies to those websites, and in return the truth of their hostility will be spread to MANY MORE WEBSITES. We are not using FAKEMaster sources at all for SWBFSpy anyway, because the OpenSpy source codes are far superior.

I knew ahead of time that Led & Anyder would eventually ban me from their fake domains for stepping up as the true admin of SWBFSpy and not tolerating their PLAgiarism. I was already prepared for that years ago, and saved everything needed to start building the official community forum. Anyder & Led are too egotistic and unwilling to recognize my contributions, so now they've begun a censorship campaign. Led & Anyder are censoring and trying to discredit as many of my past contributions to their extinct forum as possible. This is because they're both incapable of accepting the reality of any SWBF master server existing that they don't have 100% control over. This was confirmed yet again by Anyder once more proving how bad his mental disorders are. Just like Led, Anyder is also a predictable jealous tyrant. Those 2 Hitler clone nazis are the top disgraced trolls of all time. Since July 7th I am no longer a member of SWBFLamers and have blacklisted that domain forever. I knew that a permban was impending (and happened on 7/29/17) due to my intolerance of tyranny from Led & Anyder, so rather than wait around to be banned, I simply banned their forum first after witnessing several recent attempts by them to discredit me. I invented SWBFSpy in 2013 and their 3-years-later attempt to discredit me and steal it from me has FAILED! I really don't care that Led is ungrateful and made idiotic choices, like I said everything important was already archived. Led & Anyder are being exposed on SWBFModders and SWBFSpy publicly for their hostility. Anything else posted negative about me to the public, will be exposed and debunked completely. The truth will be known.

I control all the official SWBFSpy websites, and run the SWBFModders forum. Anyder & Led are both going to look stupid once the Master Server is complete, with leaderboard features, for claiming yet again that me inventing something they can't is "impossible". Just like how I made SleepKiller look when he claimed it was impossible to add a functional Exit To Windows to the Pausemenu. My contributions to the community over the years have been far greater than both Anyder and Led combined. Especially Anyder, the poor poser who tried to steal credit for several of my mods, exactly like Kishan. And Led, the idiot who abused his power too many times. Furthermore, I also intend to keep SWBFModders.com and SWBFSpy.org around for many years, and I can guarantee they will outlast all of those fake forums. In several years from now those extinct websites will be forgotten and our community will never have to deal with tyrants like them again. I don't care anymore about trying to talk reason with hostilities, I tried for years to maintain the peace, but they just couldn't maintain any respect for my position above them in the community, let alone respect any of my vast contributions. After some consideration, I decided that the title of Community Ambassador is not needed for the SWBFSpy project -- and since I've been the official SWBF Community Leader since 2007 -- I knew I could deal with any hostility that might result for exposing the truth about SWBFSpy and its foundation. SWBFSpy supports both PC and PS2 versions of both games. SWBF 1 and 2 are incredible games, and I hope to keep bringing more players into our community over time. We will never see as many players as there were during the GameSpy era 2004-2012, but I'll do everything I can to keep the SWBFModders Forum, SWBFSpy Master Server, and SWBF Game Servers around for as long as possible. Even though other websites have come and gone over the years, SWBFModders.com and SWBFSpy.org will be here for as long as the internet lasts, as the official Star Wars Battlefront Community Websites. Thanks to everyone who has helped support and develop the SWBFSpy project, and everyone who has helped keep the SWBF Community alive, I look forward to seeing you all on the Battlefront!

PS. Read this thread for an important SWBF community announcement http://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=16

Admin Update Aug 16th: Led & Anyder tried to block me and my VPS completely, copied all my servers/settings like jealous posers (the SWBFSpy PS2 server, [FC] Mos Cit server, etc.) , and then tried to steal my playerbase, using lies and manipulation. Just stealing credit for SWBFSpy wasn't enough -- they had to ban their greatest community contributor, server host, and game modder of all time. In other words, an instant "resignation" of their previously delegated power and participation in the SWBF community. As admin of the community, I simply do not just allow such hostility to manifest without banning and exposing those involved in such malice.

Now they have more delusional minions supporting their ungrateful plagiarist tyranny, because most MP games these days unfortunately have a worthless "troll base" of non-contributors whose sole purpose is to act trollish and hostile towards those who keep the community running, and release game-changing mods of all kinds. They will support fascist liars like Anyder and Led because they are either paid by them to be shills, or they're just too jealous and pathetic to actually contribute something of value to the game.

This is why I won't stop to defend the SWBF community from exposing and banning tyrants like that, and all those who support them. 15-30 nazi trolls is not 85% of the community, it is 0%. One dedicated contributor is worth more than a thousand non-contributors. I will finish the SWBFSpy master server as I originally envisioned it in 2013, and I will restore all the servers that I created for everyone to play in (excluding the banned tyrants), and I'll also release new mods and server mods to the community over the next few years. Everything will be restored over time, despite Led & Anyder's desperate attempts to censor all of my past contributions. No amount of effort on their part is going to take down what I've worked hard to preserve all these years, and I will continue saving online multiplayer for Star Wars Battlefront, as I have been doing ever since 2012.

Anyder was never anywhere close to ever becoming an Illuminated Modder. He just wanted to wear that tag because I did, because he was jealous. As recently seen, Anyder struggled with just a simple plagiarism of my Kamino GCW mission LUA. Likewise, Led was never the community admin of Star Wars Battlefront, only his lame nazitoast jr forum. Just because he paid a bunch of jealous trolls to play in a low tps radarphobic Cloud City server never gave him more power than me over the SWBF Community. I took over as admin in 2009 after Beta retired, and have been leading the SWBF Community ever since [FC] transitioned from 1.0 to 1.2. Even since before MPCgamers died and was corrupted into the extinct fascist disinfo pit seen today, I have been actively storing all the necessary information and resources needed to create a true SWBF Community forum. Knowing it was my duty to preserve as much as possible from being erased by jealous tyrants, I made a copy over the years of everything important. A non-fascist true SWBF modding community has not existed since the shut down of SecretSociety by Psych0fred. SWBFModders is here to pick up the torch where SecretSociety left off -- and there is much to look forward to over the next few years!

I'd like to thank all who support the truth and respect my contributions as the community leader. To hell with the ones who don't and are deluded by their own stupidity/jealousy/mental disorders, they get to miss out on everything that is continually taking SWBF mods and servers to the next level, from 2017 onwards lol

- Phobos, the SWBFSpy Administrator & Star Wars Battlefront Community Leader 2009-2017.

SWBFSpy Community Blacklist (updated Jan 2018): These hostile disgraced nazi troll IPs have been permanently banned + blacklisted from all official SWBF Community Websites & Servers for their failed attempts at killing the SWBF Community = LedNaziTroll = LedNaziTroll = AnyderNaziTroll
31.16.*.* = KalleNaziTroll
108.72.*.* = SandmanNaziTroll
108.81.92.* = JeanNaziTroll
75.139.132.* = JeanNaziTroll
68.225.118.* = JeanNaziTroll
62.232.*.* = gdh92NaziTroll
TBA = Shaking_SniperNaziTroll
TBA = Commander AwesomeNaziTroll
96.38.*.* = DavenportNaziTroll = IncognitoNaziTroll aka IncogniTroll = IncognitoNaziTroll aka IncogniTroll = IncognitoNaziTroll aka IncogniTroll
TBA = GistechNaziTroll
TBA = Jdee-BarcNaziTroll
67.177.*.* = Drunken_MasterNaziTroll
TBA = Red04 (CC-4398)NaziTroll
TBA = RepCommNaziTroll
206.255.*.* = TirpiderNaziTroll
47.221.*.* = TykyloNaziTroll
47.219.*.* = TykyloNaziTroll
TBA = Thor110NaziTroll TBA = Commander HazardNaziTroll
TBA = 411RemnantNaziTroll
76.65.*.* = GoldMan27NaziTroll
TBA = DarkPhantomNaziTroll = FAKELamers = FAKEServer = FAKEServer = FAKEServer = FAKEWebsite = FAKEWebsite = FAKEWebsite = FAKESpy = FAKEServer


AnyDumb Nazi Troll Exposed @ http://info.swbfspy.org/Others

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