Frequently Asked Questions [updated September 13 2018]

SWBFSpy FAQ - Download PDF

Q - What exactly is SWBFSpy?
A - It's a Master Server replacement for GameSpy. It has the same features as GameSpy used to, including leaderboard support.

Q - What is a Master Server?
A - It is what allows game servers to be hosted through Internet Multiplayer. It does not affect the game servers or player files in any way.

Q - Is there a video tutorial on how to install the patch?
A - Not yet, but it will be released soon!

Q - I downloaded SWBF2 from Steam, how do I patch it?
A - Go here and replace the Battlefront 2 file @ C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Star Wars Battlefront II. If you need more help you can post on the official SWBFSpy Help Thread on our SWBFModders forum.

Q - I would rather hex edit the patch myself than download anything. How is this done?
A - Download a Hex Editor such as HxD, then carefully replace every instance of "gamespy.com" with "swbfspy.org"

Q - It tells me I'm missing binkw32.dll from my computer. How do I fix that? I have the steam version of the game if that makes any difference.
A - Double check to make sure your game EXE is copied into the proper folder, it should be "GameData"

Q - Some guys from swbf2 are wondering why they can create a server by themself?
A - Players can host their own servers using the latest patch, however they still need to port forward 3658 and 3659 for both UDP and TCP. Additionally, SWBF1 players can self-host above 30TPS using my Client TPS mod posted here https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=30

Q - Would it be correct to assume that I should uninstall OpenSpy before installing SWBFspy for either Battlefront game?
A - This isn't needed. The game does not need to be reinstalled when simply replacing an EXE file.

Q - Please tell me how to either revert my patched copy of battlefront II to normal, or tell me how to change it to allow me to use GR, if possible.
A - For GameRanger, replace the new SWBFSpy patched EXE with the original, and it should function again normally. A better option would be to rename the original exe to BattlefrontII.exe and the new patch to BattlefrontII_SWBFSpy.exe, then make a shortcut for both the GameRanger and SWBFSpy executables to your desktop for quick launch. The original v1.0 and v1.1 exe files for BattlefrontII.exe can be downloaded here https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=31

Q - Every time I try and load up the game with the new exe it opens like it wants to start the game but then doesn't go any further and freezes. I'm on win 7 if it makes any difference.
A - This is due to improper installation of the patch, or because the master server is temporarily down. It works on Win 7.

Q - How can I add Steam Overlay to SWBF1 while ingame, and what about logging my game hours?
A - Open the steam browser and click add a game at the bottom left corner, then click add non steam game. After that choose your BF1 exe or quick launcher, then name it Star Wars Battlefront. Now you can launch the game from your library with the overlay, but hours will not be recorded. For that feature, use either EvolveHQ or GameTrackerLite. Soon, the SWBFSpy Leaderboards will be finished, and every player will have their stats and game hours recorded, just like the original GameSpy Leaderboards.

Q - I last tried to host my own server in game, it closed the server down saying unable to register. Sometimes, my game also crashes or freezes randomly.
A - If you have installed the patch, make sure (for BF2 only) that your Virtual Store folder has the new patch file also. For both SWBF, make sure the proper ports are forwarded. Also, confirm that your firewall has enabled exception for the new patch EXE if you renamed it to anything custom, such as BattlefrontII_SWBFSpy.exe

Q - SWBF1 v1.0 has stop working? I have swbf1 v1.0 and when we play multiplayer on gameranger it start crashing. We updated to 1.2 and when we are more than 3 players it,s start crashing again.
A - I would advise not playing on GameRanger without using password protected servers. The reason being that LedTroll and AnyderTroll often crash those servers, because they're mad nobody supports their fake failed plagiarism. SWBFspy supports 1.2, we might also support 1.0 but I haven't tested it yet. Where did you get your patch? (Please provide a link.) You should make sure it was from http://info.SWBFSpy.org since any others will either crash or not connect to swbfspy.
Q - I just downloaded the version from the link you sent and now it works. Thanks Phobos!
A - Let us know where you got the non-working version. If it is our link, we can fix it. If it isn't our link, it won't work.

Q - What time are the most players on?
A - There are currently more BF2 players on GameRanger, and for that I'm not sure. For BF1, the best time is on weekends during the evening, EST timezone around 6-10PM.

Q - The BF2 patch worked great up until recently, but now whenever I launch a match the game simply closes - there are no error messages and no minimized windows. I can still get to the server list screen, it just won't load the map or even the loading screen itself. Does anyone know how to fix this?
A - There is a bug with SWBF2 where you need to have a mic connected into the PC, otherwise it crashes. You also might need to enable Stereo Mix in the Audio Options, delete the VIDMODE.ini file, lower Video Settings, clear your Virtual Store, and run the BF2 EXE as Admin. Detailed instructions for this are posted here https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=6

Q - Do i need gamespy profile to activate it or is it something simple, where i dont need gamespy profile and just download it and get?
A - No you don't need a gamespy profile to activate the patch. You just download and install the patch, then message Phobos to get whitelisted.

Q - Is there a list of maps that the server uses? Or does it download as I join?
A - Yes, there is a way to view the roster of maps on servers, even without access to the Remote Manager or Server Manager. The maps list is currently on the GameTracker server page here http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

Q - SWBF ONLINE? Hello SWBFmodders! I would like to know why when I want to enter a certain server it tells me that I should download content, how can I download it or where can I?
A - For SWBF1? You want to contact the owner of the server and then put the maps you need in AddOn, or in the case of pro mods, put them in the _LVL_PC/ZERO or _LVL_PC/TWD folder. After all the mod maps and other mod files are place then you can join. If you tell us the map designation, we may be able to help, i.e. "Missing kam1a" can help us to send you the right map and/or other mod files. Also make sure to use the SWBFModders downloads page for our mod maps. If you're whitelisted on SWBFSpy and trying to enter a ZeroFront or TWD server, let Phobos know so you can get the most recent files. If it's some noob server on GameRanger or GoG, then you're out of luck since we don't host servers on those inferior platforms. Make sure you're on the SWBFSpy.org master server if you want to play with the most often updated and greatest SWBF mod maps.

Q - When's the best time to play? I looked at the server stats on the home page and it seems to be empty. Most likely due to the time.
A - The server is not empty, you looked at the wrong stats. The best time to play is usually 5-10PM EST on the weekends. Playing later in the day is better, because the SWBFSpy community is massively North American based and so they are likely to be on later than European players. Thanks to Phobos for keeping the SWBFSpy servers running despite weak attacks from hostile abnormally jealous trolls!

Q - Does SWBFSpy allow cross play between PS2 and PC? I want to basically play Battlefront II on my PS2 with my buddy who plays on PC. Since SWBFSpy is like a new master server, surely it works? Also why can't I use it on xbox?
A - Currently it is not possible to play online in the same SWBF server using the PC version and PS2 version for different players. The closest you can get to this is having the PC player use the PCSX2 Emulator to connect to our PS2 server with console players, the only downside is that in-game voice chat doesn't work for emulators, only the native console platforms. As I've said before on the steam community, there's too many core differences between the PC and PS2 versions to ever make direct cross play possible, and since we don't have the source code, it's not worth the time to make it happen. While some games such as Rocket League and Gears Of War support PC-Console cross play, we don't ever see it happening for SWBF. Quite frankly, it's nothing our community would really need, even if we had the source code to make it possible. Xbox support is still being added.

Q - Should I use GameRanger or SWBFSpy? The PC Gaming wiki page for SWBF2 gives these two options for online play. Which one should I use? Is one better than the other?
A - SWBFSpy works the best in my experience. GameRanger is dead, noobs play there sometimes, but usually servers get crashed by the nazi trolls like SpamyderHitler. SWBFSpy is more active, make sure you're using SWBFSpy.org though since any others are nonfunctional fake domains. SWBFSpy provides the same setup as GameSpy, and has more active players than GameRanger, which is worse overall and quite laggy. Also, cheers if you're American because all of our servers are hosted from Chicago! You won't have much luck finding people to play with outside of SWBFSpy. Our MS works great, I highly recommend it!

Q - GameRanger and GOG Dead? Neither programs have any people on. Gameranger has like 2 servers with 1 person in each. GOG has 3 servers with a total of 2 players playing. Anywhere i can go to have a multiplayer session thats fairly large? How is SWBFSpy in comparison? Thanks.
A - SWBFSpy always has players on, we currently host game servers for SWBF1 and SWBF2 on PC and PS2. If you want multiplayer sessions that are fairly large, you won't find them in SWBF anymore, those days are over since 2012. However, our monthly mod night events on SWBFmodders usually have a great turnout of dedicated players. I'd suggest checking the SWBFSpyOrg steam forums... gamespy shut down and we replaced it with SWBFSpy. Our community has really increased in the past year since banning the fake trolls. We have 6 game servers currently and they generally see activity every day.

Q - I am new to this website and everything is confusing. I am not a tech wiz but i am a gamer at heart. I recently went to gumtree and brought me a copy of SWBF 1 for the PS2 along with a 64mb memory card and PS2 console. I really need someone to give me a step by step process for setting this up to play online multiplayer. Any help is helpful and I live in Australia if that has anything to do with online severs.
A - Read these threads https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=5 and https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=8

Q - I launch SWBFSpy from steam it's fine just can't play MP then I launch the exe and it just goes black please help?
A - Leave the Steam Battlefront.exe alone, and copy the new BattlefrontSWBFSpy.exe into the GameData folder. Then make a shortcut from the SWBFSpy file to your desktop. Launch the new exe from the desktop shortcut to access the SWBFspy servers instead of using the steam launcher. If you have any additional trouble let us know. Also, make sure you have obtained the new exe file from SWBFModders.com or Info.SWBFspy.org

Q - hello swbfmodders, when i use swbfspy patch and i connect an server i keep getting a connection to host lost message?
A - Hi, please come to our website at SWBFmodders.com and we can help. The most important thing is to make sure you get the right exe patch, as we support SWBF1, SWBF2 for both PC and PS2.
Q - pls phobos you need to get more people to use this swbfspy patch like i can find anyone almost?
A - Yes, help us get the word out?
R - okay I will!

Q - Hi Phobos. Resolution Changer doesn't use /resolution command at startup. It is modifying memory of game thread and changes default width and height. If it doesn't work on 1.3, it means that cells in memory of width and height have other position than in 1.2. And it is possible to find it in gameand change it in the launcher. So it isn't problem to fix it in any way?
A - They don't have to be in the executable as a text string to be there (compiled code). Also you can scroll down under the server ini on tweakguide. It shows the list under it, cmd line switches part which I was talking about.
Q - Thanks Phobos, I saw on swbfmodders how you tried this on 1.3 yourself so you would know whether it works or not. I also saw that Led the troll doesn't know anything about this so he has no room to talk about it or tell people what to do.
A - Exactly, I knew LedTroll could never convince anyone over 10 IQ of his BS. The command line switches can be used as mentioned in the tweak guides. LedTroll's burden of ignorance is on him, not me.

Q - Hi anybody, I live in Australia and tried to access the online star wars battlefront severs using the dns code on oldsnakes youtube video but all i get is that error "Network Error (-610)". Please help?
A - That is because oldsnakeTroll's youtube video is outdated and not designed for SWBFSpy. He spams non-functional FAKEspy propaganda videos which are NOT actually the real SWBFSpy, you can tell because it doesn't show the .ORG domain, which is the only authentic SWBFSpy domain. I will soon post a new official video for the PS2 community. Make sure not to use ChristianTroll's DNS either, since SWBFModders now supports our own. The only real BF1 PS2 server up currently is SWBFSpy.org so make sure to avoid the fake servers. If you don't see the .ORG server then you're better off in singleplayer. Also your game needs to be NTSC. You have to enter your router info into the network startup setup. To get the router info click start then press ctrl+r and hit CMD then type enter. In the DOS prompt type "ipconfig /all" and write down this info, to use for the network startup setup. If using a router you also need to assign your PS2 a static IP and port forward 3658+3659 to the new static IP for your PS2, or put your PS2 into the dmz. http://portforward.com is a website with more info on this. The auto setup can be used with cable modem to change the DNS# manually. #1 DNS Number = and #2 DNS = (this might change later). The game case will say if it is NTSC version. Use the network startup disc for emulators. If using a console, make sure you have a memory card for the ps2 to setup the network config there. If using a cable modem or dsl box plug the wire rj45 into the back of the PS2 and into the cable box or dsl box. Then use auto setup selection from the startup disc or game dvd. Under DNS# selection is an option for auto or manual. Select manual setup and enter in the DNS numbers Primary = and second DNS# = then test the connection from the startup disc or game dvd. If it is successful then save the profile and name it SWBFSpy. After saving the profile on the memory card, reboot the PS2. (The game DVD does this automatically). If using the CD network startup disc remove it. Put the game disc in and try to play online by selecting the SWBFSpy profile you saved on the memory card. Soon I'll add a video here to show how it is done to play in the official SWBFSpy and SWBFModders PS2 servers for SWBF1.
Q - Thanks Phobos, I use the cable at the back of the PS2 and connect it to the modem for Internet. I am using the auto connection from the game disc and not the network disc. Using those DNS numbers I entered in the manual part of choosing how you want the DNAS to be. I have the PAL version of SWBF. When the PS2 asked me if I wanted to check the Internet connection, it said it was fine. Only as it was authorizing back when I get to the Internet/LAN menu and choose Internet I got this error. Any idea how to sort this out?
A - Unfortunately there is not a DNAS server being hosted for the PAL version currently at this time, but this will change in the future once our MS and DNS servers are running. We plan to host DNAS servers for all 3 regions. Until then however, you will continue to get that error when trying to connect online using the game DVD. The solution is to use one of these memory cards with Free MCBoot on it to use the USA servers. Like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Free-MCBoot-1-953-FMCB-Playstation-2-64MB-Memory-Card-ESR-HDL-OPL-MORE-/272819038712
Q - So are there certain steps when you get the freemcboot memory card to play on the USA servers?
A - Yes, reread the previous answers. Also, check our tutorials for regions here. Currently most of the tutorials are for USA / the NTSC version of the game, the other regions are not up at the moment. But I think the PAL DNAS will be back up soon. I've never got the game to work over xlink though I only tried once, before Openspy was up. I would be interested if someone got it working though. It seems much more complicated, but I do know Socom players use that. I would just stick to SWBFSpy if you can get it running because it's just 1 simple number change to join PS2 servers.
Q - Phobos, I recently tracked down the person who made this post:
- Hi Phobos, I wanted to let you know that SWBF1 & 2 (PAL version) does not work with the DNS of SWBFspy and the SWBFModders DNS since the official closure of the DNAS servers. Is it possible to do something for PAL servers and to fix this?
- Yes, you are right Phobos, the SWBF PAL servers worked a few months after the official closure of the DNAS server.
It is since Openspy stopped hiding the DNAS server that the problems have arrived... But I do not understand why no one hosts these servers ?
- Phobos, I know you have an up and running PAL DNAS server, you told me the IP address and you mentioned the Japan region too, but I don't think you have Japan supported. Anyways, I think the PAL EU players will be able to get past the -610 error if they put this entry into their DNS server:
- I won't be able to test it because I don't have the European PS2 or PAL version of the game, but Phobos, if you can put this in and it works, then you should be able to get to the server list again. Just keep in mind that the server list might be lower at the moment because I don't think anyone else other than you has servers up on the EU list. Someone could put another one up with the same server manager though, using Phobos' server region mod.
A - It didn't even work between October 2016 and January 2017? I know Sony shut down their DNAS in October and then there was a DNAS workaround that I think had all 3 regions running for a few months. Anyway I think the problem now is that there is no DNAS workaround setup for your region. From what I understand, your PS2 is looking for a DNAS server at gate1.eu.dnas.playstation.org, but there is nothing there. As I (Phobos) was saying, I think a separate IP address and server would be needed to get other regions up and running with this:
- Currently though, my (Phobos') DNAS server only works for NTSC-U games as the IP I'm using is only for US games since for now we just have 1 IP. I'm working on getting a second IP for PAL games and to run a VPS with the DNAS repository installed on it
Update: I just setup a new VPS for PAL DNAS. Enjoy. However, our website is being upgraded atm, so any games that need a file to show a message in-game will not work for a bit for any region until I get the rest of the upgrades rolled out. As for JPN DNAS, I haven't heard anyone wanting the support, and I doubt we'd see it here considering the language barrier anyway, so I will continue to keep SWBF alive for the regions that have playerbases, and not buy another for JAP, at least for now...
- Thanks to SWBFModders, I've added that IP as the DNS record for
If players use as their DNS, then it should point to that IP. I also have a way to check to make sure :cheers:
If someone else wants to help test this for us and post here, or have me relay their message here for them, it will be appreciated.
Quote from: Visitor Feedback on February 24, 2018, 03:50:38 PM
thanks Phobos for the EU DNAS! thanks again Phobos for adding it into your SWBFspy server machine! i will see if i can get it working in a few hours on SWBF1 PS2 EU. :cheers:
Q - Phobos, I tested it out using SWBFspy DNS# but keep getting error
DNAS library (PS2) received an invalid server response. "DNAS Error (-106) A network authentication system error has occurred."
battlefront.exe /win /norender /autonet dedicated /resolution 300 200 /gamename SWBFMODDERS.COM-PHOBOS /playerlimit 33 /playercount 1 /bots 10 /difficulty 3 /throttle 1024 /ainotext /noteamdamage /netregion EUR kam1c yav2r bes2a rhn2c tat2i bes1a rhn1r bes2r yav2i rhn2a rhn1i bes1r tat2r
the EU game version works on the EU LAN when testing.
the Wireshark cap I got looks good but I keep getting the Error 106.
A - I will post another answer about this later

Q - I downloaded the patch for SWBFII for PC and put the file in my GameData folder. I doubled clicked it and the game started. I selected "MULTIPLAYER", then "JOIN". My computer locked up for about 30 seconds, then the "Busy..." popup was displayed. The percentage stayed at 0% for about 30 seconds. Then the screen that is supposed to list all of the active games came up. It was empty. There were no games to join. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
A - You are not yet whitelisted on the SWBFSpy MS. Contact Phobos via Steam to get whitelisted. I have a list of about 20 servers that we host. Once you've connected to SWBFSpy, be sure to check all regions.
Q - I read that you must have a version of the patch .exe that has a last modified date of 7/27/2017 or later. How do I get the latest version?
A - The current latest SWBFSpy patch .exe does have a last modified date of 7/27/2017 and you can get it here http://info.swbfspy.org/Downloads.html
Q - Still no luck. I'm not using the Steam version. I am using the CD version I bought in a store years ago. I am using Norton Security Suite for my firewall. I turned it off and still no luck. I don't know if this helps to resolve my issue, but I can't get Game Ranger to install either. It says that it can't connect to the server.
A - It is most likely an issue with your firewall. I can see your computer with team viewer and see if I can find the issue. We can talk over discord. It would have to be sometime when I have time to help you, but reading more on SWBFModders.com should help you too. Make sure you enable UDP port forwarding for 3658 and 3659, along with adding an exception in your firewall for Battlefront.exe
Q - Thank you Phobos and SWBFModders for wanting to help so much. Yes I've used Discord before. In fact I already have it installed. Let me know when you want to try to connect. When you are ready to give this a try, please email me at the email address in my profile. Thank you.
A - You're welcome, thank you for your patience.
Q - No problem. Okay, I finally made some progress. The problem was that the security setting on my modem/router was set too high. I am now able to connect to the server, but when I try to join a game, it crashes and just goes back to Windows. Any ideas?
A - Yes. Enable stereo mix first, it's the most common fix for game crashes. Then, try all of these steps https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=6.0
Q - Yep, enabling Stereo Mix did the trick. Thank you Phobos. By the way, everyone keeps telling me that the last modified date on the .exe has to be 7/27/2017 or later. As far as I can tell, there is no such file. The only one I can download has a last modified date of 7/28/2017 and it works fine.
A - As long as you download it from this website, you are OK. The date modified might be off by a day for you due to timezone differences.

Q - Question about the minimum bandwidth needed for SWBF multiplayer. So I am interested in joining the multiplayer competition but I have a major issue, my connection barely reaches 100kbps and my network configuration gives me the ping of a random player from Australia, so my question is, do I have any chances of playing Battlefront online or am I stuck to playing LAN sessions until I move somewhere else?
A - If you were able to play back when GameSpy was still running, you should be able to play now too. The minimum internet speed recommended on the game box is DSL connection. It's possible to play using dialup, but many packets will be missed at that speed. Some players can adjust well to lag with practice. For a more playable experience, you should find or host a server that is geographically close to your location. Distance between the player and server is more important than speed, but 100kbps should be a good enough minimum assuming there is no packet loss. Run a ping speed test and if you have under 100 ping to the server then it's good, 100-200 will be laggy but playable, 250+ is extremely laggy and starts becoming more unplayable. Consistent latency is also crucial; even with +250ms ping the more consistent it is, the more you can predict the latency and adapt to it, but lower ping will always have the advantage.
R - Okay Phobos, thanks for the tips, I think I'm gonna record a video about it soon. Our community is grateful for you Phobos, if it weren't for you SWBF MP would have died years ago!

Q - Hello, I'm from belgium and i want to play SWBF 2 online on PS2 but no tutorials are working. What have I to do please? It say DNAS error... Can someone help me? I change the DNS parameters with them i found on internet and this site. Sorry for my approximative english.
A - Use this tutorial https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=34.0
R - Thank you Phobos

Q - I bought SWBF II yesterday via steam and I was asking if I could play online via steam?
A - Yes you can. Check this thread https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=6.0

Q - I really didn't want to leave a message, but I'm not getting this solved on my own, so here goes: I bought the game SWBF2 on Steam and am trying to become one with the Force, I mean trying to play multiplayer using SWBFSpy.org. Going through the instructions here, getting the client to run as admin from within the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common place, I'm still not sure what to do. When I run the game from Steam, it still wants me to connect to Gamespy. I'm still not able to play multiplayer. What should I do?
A - Download the file at this link https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1
Right click and extract the EXE files from it, then copy the new file to your steam location. My steam folder is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData See this guide for more help https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=25.0
Right click on the new exe file and select "copy" then go to your desktop and paste SHORTCUT. To run SWBFSpy multiplayer, do not go through steam, double click on the new SHORTCUT. Finally, make sure your IP address gets WHITELISTED by Phobos, otherwise you won't even be able to connect to the SWBFSpy master server. Also I'd like to mention that sometimes bugs are encountered when running the SWBFSpy executable with a NVIDEA GPU with Optimus on Windows, and servers might not be visible. This is not an issue when running SWBFSpy through Bumblebee and Wine on Linux. Patch the original exe from your game folder and let us know if the problem persists. It should not affect anything since it's a master server redirecting modification.
Q - I did this, just like you instructed. Tell me if it seems like I'm wrong, but I get this error message when I run it from my desktop: "The code execution cannot proceed because binkw32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." So, I reinstalled the entire game. It reproduced the exact same error. This is what I was trying to convey to the best of my non-technical ability. I thought maybe changing the spelling from all caps to without caps might work, but I got the same error message. I'm determined here. If you have any more ideas, let me know. I've been working on this since last night. Oh what a weekend, working on the ability to play video games instead of actually playing them...
A - The executable name should be "BattlefrontII.exe" with no space between the word and numerals. Caps or no caps should not make a difference. Binkw32.dll should also work with or without Caps. Make sure the file type is actually a .dll and change the name back to just "binkw32". You can click on Properties to check the filetype. If it's not a .dll, right click on it and Open in Notepad. Then click Save As and when the save tab pops up, click on "All Files" then change the name to "binkw32.dll". That will change the file type. If this still doesn't work, I suggest you reinstall the entire game, and then patch the BattlefrontII file yourself. I posted a tutorial long ago of How To Patch SWBF2 for SWBFSpy (New Master Server hosted by SWBFModders) -- and am working on a video tutorial as well. Here is an easy picture tutorial: http://www.moddb.com/company/swbfspy/images/how-to-hex-edit-swbfspy-org
R - Awesome, thank you so much Phobos :P :cheers: I'm going to reinstall the game again and look at your How To Hex Edit SWBFSpy.org picture tutorial. Thanks Phobos.
Q - Ok so I reinstalled and followed your instructions very deliberately, one step at a time. It wasn't hard, but I'm still getting the same error message as before. No multiplayer yet.
A - Well first I need to whitelist your IP, otherwise your connection to the SWBFSpy master server will be rejected. Once that is done, check the properties of the shortcut on your desktop to make sure everything is configured properly. Also check your firewall settings. If you get an error for something similar to "The program can't start because binkw32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem." then you need to make a shortcut for the executable and run that instead.
Q - Yes, the error is the same one as before: "The code execution cannot proceed because binkw32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." It's still naturally (upon downloading) in all caps. I don't think that's the problem, I've done that (uninstall/reinstall-shortcut for .exe) twice.
A - Confirm that you made a shortcut to the .EXE
R - AH! That makes sense. I'm going to try again. Thanks Phobos. Edit: Thankfully, I didn't have to start from scratch. Just created a shortcut from the .EXE, and I say thank you sir. Thanks for everything.
A - Yay, glad it works now :cheers:
Q - It worked that one day, and not since. :( Even if only 1-3 people still play, it was fun. Looking forward to any previews you give of the new ZeroFront Expansion mod! A - Well, there is no reason it should not still work if you are starting the game with the shortcut. Check to make sure you followed the instructions perfectly if you're running into new errors. Q - Not getting any error messages. The same shortcut gets me into the game. But when I click on multiplayer, it loads slow, then pulls up a "busy" loading notification, and finally pulls up the screen that used to contain all of the games available, but it's blank, blank, blank. I ain't too worried, though. I am just looking forward to any more new modding tutorials written by Phobos for SWBFModders. A - Check to see if your IP on the computer you use to play with is banned on SWBFModders.com or info.SWBFSpy.org. I can check to see if your IP got unintentionally blocked due to Led & Anyder crashing our game servers.
Q - Yes it is my gaming computer.
A - Your IPs appear to be tracking to Alabama subnets very similar to ones used by the top troll of SWBF, Led/Buckler. Since Led our least favorite troll utilizes various types of hostility, his IPs are perma-banned on the server. If you want to send me an email with your IP and your ISP information, I will see what I can do.
Q - It's crazy that it worked for one day. I was playing through maps with one to three human teammates with about as many human opponents. How old is this game? I just bought it. Seems to have diminished, especially with what happened to GameSpy.
A - Led the fascist tyrant often likes to Spam and Troll so his IPs are blocked here. He's mad I know more than him about modding! Led & Anyder have combined the worst elements of plagiarism, fascism, and extreme jealousy all into their mentally ill delusions. SWBF2 was released in 2005. You can also try GameRanger to play online until Phobos has whitelisted you for SWBFSpy (which is fully functional since May 2018).
Q - Yeah. Ok. I don't want to be perma-banned and I'm not here to troll, I'm just trying to protect whatever modicum of privacy I can. I sent you an email Phobos.
A - Yeah, it's too bad that one rotten apple named Led ruins the batch, with all of his fascist propaganda and trolling.
R - Whatever you did Phobos, it did the trick, big thumbs up and thanks pal !

Q - I'm having trouble joining the SWBF2 servers on Steam using the new GOG online, can you help Phobos?
A - You can join us on SWBFspy. It works as good as Gamespy ever did ;) Actually, it works even better with true leaderboard support.

Q - Multiplayer hanging for anyone else on GOG? Hi Phobos, I tried playing multiplayer today on SWBF2 GOG Steam version, my client freezes upon trying to access the server browser. I have no mods installed, I'm on a clean vanilla version of the game. I'm just wondering if it's just something wrong with my game or if it's on the other end, if you guys have the steam version and could notify me if MP is working for you I'd be grateful! :cheers: Another reported the same for them yesterday. Freezing at 0 on the multiplayer tab. Last night it started working for me again, but many of the top servers are no longer up, at least as of yesterday. I was talking to other people while I played, it seems some people had a similar issue, but not everyone. It’s strange really. I just hope we get the [FC] space maps server back.
A - Let them know SWBFspy is up and running :) Download the patch @ info.swbfspy.org
Q - A few weeks ago I installed the GOG version and the multiplayer does not work, an unknown error appears. It would certainly be a great help if maybe you have a solution for this Phobos. I know that GOG is the only alternative to play for people not whitelisted on SWBFSpy.
A - There is a solution, SWBFSpy is functional and stable, with new features always being developed. It's not that hard to get whitelisted, just send your IP, as long as you aren't one of the banned trolls listed on our website, you will then be able to play online again. Our MS is much more stable than GOG and will be here for decades. Join our community at SWBFModders to download mods for Battlefront, and help us keep the game alive if you are a true fan of it. Everyone knows that SWBFSpy hosted by SWBFModders is the only alternative to play for real.

Q - SWBFSpy Support for SWRC? Star Wars Republic Commando is a great game with a lot of interesting dynamic. A lot of things stand out to me, especially how the AI is actually pretty good, you don't have to babysit them like a lot of other games with poor AI. Anyway what do think Phobos, could you guys try adding MP support for it to SWBFSpy?
A - If we had a bigger player base for it, we'd likely consider adding support for SWRC, but our community is far more passionate about SWBF, which is a much better game overall. FYI there was also a sequel in development called Imperial Commando, but it never passed the concept stage, according to the book "Rogue Leaders - The Story of Lucasarts". Today all the Star Wars games suck and are pay to win, the only thing they have over the classic games is graphics and higher stock memorypools, but the classics beat them with everything else. The EA PoserFront series has only disgraced the original SWBF legacy, whereas we here at SWBFModders have preserved and enhanced it. We may eventually get around to adding RC support... I recall how once upon a time no one really expected SWBF to really make a come back after the death of GameSpy, but we made sure that it survived.

Q - SWBFSpy and HD1080p at same time? I remember installing a launcher I downloaded from here that ran all the gameplay in 1080p, really nice, which I cant find, but I also wanted to use that with the SWBFSpy to play online. Is there a way to launch it in 1080p with online capability?
A - Yes it's possible. For SWBF1 we have BattleBelk's resolution changer: https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=32
It is OK, some have commented that the player view gets stretched a bit. You can also run the game in a windowed mode. For SWBF2 there is one under construction.
Q - YES! Thats exactly what I'm talking about! So how can I now run this launcher and SWBFSpy at the same time? Would it work if I deleted the original "Battlefront" launcher app, then renamed the "BattlefrontSpy" to "Battlefront", then used the SWBF Launcher you linked? You know what I mean?
A - Yes, that should do it. See this file attachment for my set up. https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=86.0;attach=70;image
Q - This is probably the wrong place to ask but where or what is the best way of getting a copy of swbf1 and playing it online? Does it still need a valid key to play online?
A - SWBFspy does not check CD keys. However, you will need a key for installation. Here is the thread you are looking for: https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=5.0
As far as getting a copy of SWBF1 - you can get cd copies on amazon for $5 (or less) used or the Fan Favorites pack (with BF1,BF2, and Republic Commando) for $5 used. Once it's installed, the SWBFSpy patches are no-cd compatible.
Q - Cheers for the response Phobos :) Unfortunately I can't find a cheap copy on Amazon, the cheapest is $20. Would used copy be acceptable? Would it be possible to play online with swbfspy if the cdkey is generated? I ask because if the copy is used then surely it wouldn't work for me?
A - Star wars best of pc is a bit cheaper and has 5 games including battlefront. Used copy shouldn't be an issue though, it's only the same as reinstalling.
R - Awesome Phobos, thank you so much for the help! I'm gonna have lots of fun on BF1 online in 1080p!

Q - My cd key is not authorized error on battlefront 1. Anyway to allow multiple players with the same cd key play on the same server?
A - There are many public CD keys that can be used.