SWBFSpy Organization

What is the SWBFSpy Organization?
This is the official team that supports and operates the SWBFSpy Master Server. Every member has an important position assigned by the Community Administrator, the SWBFSpy project leader.

What is the purpose of this organization?
Our team is bringing more players to SWBF1 and SWBF2 with our new master server. We provide the most important foundation needed to play the game online directly without using alternatives such as GameRanger, Tunngle, and Evolve. This is the official Star Wars Battlefront MasterServer, known as SWBFSpy. The other purpose of our team is to spread the truth about SWBFSpy and help build the community so that more players can participate in the SWBF1 and SWBF2 servers.

What are the positions within the SWBFSpy Organization?
Community Leader/Administrator, Game Server Ambassador/Supervisor, & SWBFSpy Organization Members/Supporters/Consultants/Developers.

Interested in joining the SWBFSpy Organization?
You may contact the Community Admin and Leader, Phobos. All contact information is listed on the official contact page.

Official SWBFSpy Team Members (Past & Present)
Phobos = Admin & Coder & Founder
Wolf = Coder & Co-Founder
Luigi = Coder
Soneek = Coder
Spanky = Coder
Masaq = Coder
CHC = Coder
SirPimped = Game Server Ambassador
Elite = Game Server Ambassador
Nino = YouTube & EvolveHQ Moderator
Death = YouTube & EvolveHQ Moderator

Roles and Tasks

SWBFSpy Organization
- Every month there will be a meeting of the SWBFSpy organization, all active members are required to attend this for updates regarding SWBFSpy. The information discussed in these meetings is not to be leaked to anyone outside of the group. These meetings will take place in the EvolveHQ SWBFSpy: Community Lobby - Organization Meetings Channel @ https://www.evolvehq.com/groups/swbfspy. You will have permissions that allow you to join, unlike those who do not belong to the group.
Meetings will be announced and scheduled on this board.
- The following duties exist within our SWBFSpy Community:
- Moderation of the Game Servers and ensuring the rules are followed.
- Providing the help for people to install SWBFSpy and participate in our Community Servers.
- Any issues that arise require contacting the Game Server Ambassadors or Community Administrator.
- Everytime announcements are posted, they need to be shared with the rest of the community to reach every player.

Game Server Ambassador & Supervisor
- Limited to 3. There is one for each SWBF Game on PC, and one for both games on the PS2.
- Their role is essentially the same as "SWBFSpy Organization". The difference is primarily that they only moderate the game servers, and do not administer the master servers, or script code developments for it.
- Extended rights for supervising SWBF2 Gameservers. The SWBF1 Game Server Ambassadors for PC and PS2 will have access to our secondary EU machine to administrate those gameservers once our MS is officially launched. These users will be limited to those gameservers only. Any attempt to abuse trust or betray the SWBFSpy group will result in a permanent banish from our organization.
- They also moderate joining requests by community members.

Community Leader & Administrator
- Currently the founder of SWBFSpy. If the SWBFSpy Admin ever steps down, he shall appoint a new Admin from among the active Game Server Ambassadors. This would be announced in advance.
- Administers the community websites and maintains contact with the rest of the community for providing assistance when needed.
- Administers the SWBFSpy masterserver and provides coding updates for the community.
- Contacts the SWBFSpy Extended Consulting Team for additional information and studies the activity of the masterserver. After launch of our MS, several events, game nights, mod nights, and SWBF tournaments will be organized with the Game Server Ambassadors and other SWBFSpy Organization members. Our team shall organize events for both games on both platforms.