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Star Wars Battlefront

Join us here for the Original SWBF and SWBF2 now hosts SWBFspy -- the evolution of the OpenSpy Internet Master Server software for Internet Multiplayer Games

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- SWBF Community Administrator Phobos

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Visit and to learn about The Walking Dead Battlefront survival horror zombie campaign mod being created by Phobos.

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Welcome to! We are a community focusing on the Star Wars Battlefront series, primarily the original SWBF. We host tournaments and have the absolute largest file archives for SWBF1 and SWBF2 on the Internet. We are also the largest SWBF modding website on the Internet, with many tutorials and resources for modding. If you are interested in joining our community, please register - it's free and we are a friendly group.

If you are trying to access the Downloads section, you need to register and login first. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but hope that you find our archives useful and encourage you to participate in our community. We also want to point out that we are an advertisement-free website and take pride that we keep our content clean for SWBF players of all ages. This is a link to our forum rules.

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August 26, 2018, 5:27:21 PM by Phobos | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

On September 4th 2018 the SWBFSpy Organization is hosting a special community event, celebrating 5 years since the day that [FC]Wolf and I founded SWBFSpy! This year is extra awesome because we got the master server fully functional a few months ago -- now we can guarantee that SWBF servers and modding will be alive for many more years!

Contact Phobos if you need help joining the servers. We'll be hosting the special event server on BF1-PC from 3:00 to 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Don't miss out if you want to play the official SWBFModders release of Phobos' newest mod map being dropped then! More info will be revealed about this map after the community gathering. :cheers:

Event: SWBFSpy | 5 Year Anniversary
Time: September 4th 2018, 3PM-7PM EST
July 24, 2018, 11:19:18 AM by Phobos | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

I've shut down the NFO secondary test master server for SWBFSpy, and relocated everything to a local testing environment. Our primary MS is still online and 100% functional. I'll test updates on a LAN environment before moving anything to the main MS. This will save us a lot more money so we can keep the game going longer! :cheers:

This means that officially as of August 1st 2018, the secondary IP is no longer being used:

If you see trolls hijack that IP in the future, beware that it's no longer considered an official SWBFSpy IP, instead players need to use
July 19, 2018, 01:40:24 PM by Phobos | Views: 4 | Comments: 0

Posted on the SWBFSpy Homepage :cheers:
June 30, 2018, 12:00:08 PM by Phobos | Views: 4 | Comments: 0 and have been renewed for another year :cheers:

I plan to keep both websites online for at least another 25+ years, maybe even 50+ years. Thanks to all who support us and help our community keep SWBF alive ;D

This is the greatest Star Wars Battlefront website of all time dedicated to building mods, organizing events, and keeping the game alive. Our community supports SWBF1 and SWBF2, the originals by Pandemic.

Community contributions such as mods and patches shall be distributed here from now on. Several boards are visible to the public, and some are private. Registration is public but requires an approval key, which you can obtain from me through Steam.

June 05, 2018, 10:03:50 AM by Phobos | Views: 22 | Comments: 0

Pages 3 and 4 of SWBFSpy Newsletter #250 have been released early on and :cheers:

Just thought I'd mention how LedTroll was spewing lies on Steam back in May 2017 about how he one day would "give me everything for SWBF". Lol! As if that poor poser troll ever had anything to give rofl... LedTroll never did have and never will have anything important. I have the real master server, so no need for his fake failure. I have the real SWBF community forum, no need for his dead troll spamfest. I can make dope mods, he can't, etc.

May 14, 2018, 05:51:59 PM by Phobos | Views: 15 | Comments: 0

I read up on it and it says some false stuff like how Led and Anyder, and Dark Phantom banned me from SWBFSpy when in fact I actually banned them, and exposed them for trying to steal credit for my work. Maybe the idiot troll ThePlushieZone needs to learn how to read the facts before spewing weird propaganda and trying to distort the truth. Also why does that troll think SWBFSpy would say swbfgamers, when it is swbfmodders who created it... Might just be another LedTroll sock account, but who really cares about ThePlushieZone, the latest nazi troll to join Led's cult!? Lol I just banned him from SWBFspy for spreading more disinformation and getting jealous of my master server, I suggest others ban ThePlushieTroll too:

Several of the .com and .net are fake domains which belong to banned former members of our community. Please read this thread to see how Dark Phantom, Anyder, and Led got permanently banned for trying to destroy the SWBFSpy community and lock out its greatest contributor:
This should help as well with understanding the truth of the situation:

ThePlushieZoneTroll is the latest nazi to join LedTroll's cult of trolls, and like DP, he's now perm-banned. Led's & Anyder's fake sites are weird nazi propaganda, just like the shit PlushieTroll writes. TioQueToca74 / YoSoyIngeniero is so stupid and another dumb troll who got banned.
May 01, 2018, 01:10:59 PM by Phobos | Views: 5 | Comments: 0

It's official, SWBFSpy is now up and running as of May 1st 2018! I've finished the SWBFSpy Master Server as originally envisioned when I founded SWBFSpy in September 2013. It took over 4 years for us to build this, and some plagiarists got banned for trying to set us back, but the cost was well worth it. I'm currently finishing up extra features which are almost fully functional now, including Leaderboards, Direct Connection, Server List, and coding the backend display website with shell streaming support. I'll continue testing things for another month, and open up the MS for other SWBFmodders to test on June 1st, 2018. Over the summer I'll work on adding console support and BF2 support, then we can open primary MS access to the public once additional security measures are in place.

The backstabbing jealous cowards LedTroll & AnyderTroll have proven they are too ignorant to code their own Master Server, instead they had to pay some idiot nolife plagiarist troll from Germany, to try and hijack SWBFSpy from me for their own fakemaster troll wannabe MS. I on the other hand, have built the only true SWBF: GameSpy Master Server replacement from scratch, using only OpenSpy source codes and [FC]Wolf's notes. PoserPhantom is now failing to plagiarize my leaderboards just like LedTroll's cult failed to plagiarize my SWBFSpy creation, hilarious.

I have achieved what those poor posers never could, and forever proven them wrong. I have the edge those NaziLamers never had and never will have. A bright future is ahead of us now with the tables forever turned in our favor. I'm the greatest community contributor in the history of Star Wars Battlefront -- the only person to ever have surpassed the legendary Psych0fred. I will keep SWBFSpy running for decades, and continue building insane epic new mods and other creative innovations for SWBF as I've always done, achieving far more than anybody else could ever come close to achieving. No tyrants will ever again have monopolization over SWBF multiplayer, thanks to the efforts of Wolf and Phobos! Long live SWBFSpy and SWBFModders!

Over the next few months we'll start rolling out public information videos and updates to our websites, showing how players can apply to be whitelisted on SWBFSpy and become part of the SWBF community, making the true history and facts of SWBFSpy known for everyone, and adding new features to the game and master server. Stay tuned for more news!


Quote from:
Master Server, Clone MS, & Direct Connect now functional #3
SWBFSpy commented May 15, 2018

I've patched Direct Connection servers as explained in SWBFSpy Newsletter 246 and for the now fully operational SWBFSpy master server. The only things still left to add are leaderboards and some extra features. Soon we'll test everything on Mac to verify cross-compatibility for our servers.

I'm making great progress with the SWBFSpy leaderboards too -- this week there were more breakthroughs with mySQL and php. Soon the SWBFSpy Profile Manager #2 will be fully functional. For stats tracking, I'm creating a leaderboards page on as well as the SWBFSpy Server Browser #1 which should be ready later this year.

The improved OpenSpy source has been optimized this week for a new master server build. I've also set up a private clone MS on ubuntu 16.04 for testing implementation of new features. Everything is finally coming together now as envisioned years ago by [FC]Wolf and [FC]Phobos. Soon our project will move into the next phase of development!
May 01, 2018, 12:44:25 PM by Phobos | Views: 3 | Comments: 0

I have set up a test master server for the SWBF modders community to begin testing additional new features for the Master Server such as leaderboards, server lists, mod downloads manager, and any other ideas we can think of and implement.

The IP and URL of the backup MS will stay private to keep away trolls who only try to ripoff our ideas. Several of our ideas will also stay classified to prevent posers from copying more of our creations.

I (Phobos) will do the coding and testing. Another feature I'll be adding is Direct Connection Servers. Best wishes to us SWBFModders :cheers:

PoserPhantom was always jealous of my creations, hence why he is now trying to steal credit for my leaderboards invention, just like LedTroll tried to steal credit for my SWBFSpy invention. Both posers will continue to be exposed for their hostile plagiarism.
January 10, 2018, 02:42:09 PM by Phobos | Views: 17 | Comments: 0

While SWBFSpy has been a platform we created ([FC]Wolf and myself), what has the troll Anyder done besides being useless to the community ? Nothing! Anyder did not create SWBFSpy, he only stole the Steam group name because he was jealous I thought of it first! Just like how Led stole the .COM and .NET domains! Anyder knows I'm right, I'm glad to know he copies all my creations out of his extreme jealousy that he lost to me in 2014. SWBFSpy does not use Discord anymore, only EvolveHQ now.

Anyder isn't doing anything right ;) Otherwise he would be able to see the "[FC]" servers in game, not his failed hijacked ripoffs of my mods. He has no involvement in "Players of the Month" award, which is assigned by the staff for official SWBFSpy servers only. He's pretty much trolling how I previously explained, waiting for more of my ideas to be revealed so that he can try to steal credit for them. Both Anyder and Led now try to discredit me for SWBFSpy Leaderboards too, but only those in good standing with are involved in that project.

In case you do not know, GoG MS Database has no issues with server hosting, only the FAKESpy BS does, which is why nobody plays there. About 2/3 of the servers in GoG Browser are servers that have no bugs and very little lag. I can tell, because in case you do not know, I am in the group who sends feedback and gets the emails from GoG. So I am in direct communication with those folks, and we (SWBFModders) were the ones who told them what to do.

Most people wouldn't join servers with high latency, and we're the ones who figured out how to run a server without a server tool. GoG has improved the shell.lvl to display pings for BFII. There are no dead GoG servers, or empty SWBFSpy servers, only empty FAKESpy servers...

Anyder has never been an "Illuminated Modder", that was my title, another one of my creations he copied out of jealousy. I was the creator of the "Illuminated Modder" title which I earned over 6 years ago. I could tell you myself I can do what GoG did with the stock shell right now. Anyder couldn't yet plagiarize my shell mods though, he's waiting for SK to give him a LUA unmunger first.

Lol, the experience on GoG has always been good, and even better since the last update. Led & Anyder's FAKESpy ripoff however, is Bull-shit. Literally. Hence why I have been the one to start hosting there, and on SWBFSpy, to offer the SWBF community a real solution, not some jealous fakespy monopolization ripoff copies of my servers that nobody plays in.

Anyder screwed up the exe, I had posted the original SWBFSpy hex edit which he plagiarized. GoG and myself then fixed what he tried to ruin. And in case you do not know, SWBFSpy has real players, unlike the FAKESpy, even though we didn't ask disney for permission to run a substitute MS like GoG did. So our base is smaller, but we managed to route GoG protocols through the real SWBFSpy MS at, and since having achieved this, RepComPoser has expressed an interest in trying to plagiarize this achievement too.

So literally, all those Steam users who purchased SWBFII during the past few years, and even the oldest players who got it from there were sent an alert on the new update. Guess what SWBFSpy has done: Post literally everywhere to get the attention of many players, and to provide a place to play. We have disproven all the FAKESpy lies and continue to counter their false propaganda with the truth, and spreading the news of our SWBFSpy creation far and wide across the galaxy, which we will support for many decades into the future!

Some trolls have asked to what avail we should keep it running? Even though our fanbase loves the game, it is not as active of a playerbase as it once was. Despite this setback, our mod production has increased exponentially. During the year 2018, I (Phobos) will become also an Illuminated Hacker, bringing new inventions to the SWBF community which greatly enhance the epic mods I've also been creating. I have only stated the obvious facts here. Anyder tried to censor me for that, but only got himself censored.

In the words of someone else who isn't me: "Anyder and his team runs their fakespy discord like Hitler and the SS."

SWBFSpy is not a waste of space, because I make sure of that. FAKESpy however, which is ran by Led & Anyder, is a massive waste of space, just like their nazilamers website. Led & Anyder are also a waste of space. For how often they can get a game going... despite their supposed "seventeen thousand plus members", it's obvious how much time and space they've wasted with their failed attempt to plagiarize and monopolize my mods/servers/other community contributions, most notably SWBFSpy, and failing even harder at locking me out of SWBF multiplayer.
November 25, 2017, 07:32:05 PM by Phobos | Views: 17 | Comments: 0

Led's & Anyder's Abnormal Psychotic Cyberstalker NaziLamers FakeSpy Troll Cult

Hi, and welcome to, everyone who recognizes the fact that we are the greatest SWBF modders of all time. We have done more for (and continue to do more for) the SWBF community than AnyJealousTrolls could ever dream of. :cheers:

Hey there new players who respect our community but have yet to sign up!

Sorry about the registration settings, I basically had to disable registration for the public since the DDOS Spam attacks against our websites started by LedTroll & AnyderTroll & their other troll cult members last month in October. It can be temporarily re-enabled at times for you to register, or I can pre-register an account for you. Contact me on steam for details @ ZombieDeathMob

Welcome those who support the truth posted on and don't believe the bullshit being spewed by Led/mxgBuckler & Anyder, the two Hitler fascist trolls who tried to kill SWBF for everyone (and manipulated a bunch of foolish idiots into becoming troll minions for their malignant delusions) but only got themselves banished forever from the SWBF community for their pathetic tyrannical hostility... :cheers:

Welcome to everyone who is grateful for our contributions and looks forward to the years ahead of incredible SWBF mods we are building! There is a tool on moddb for the v1.3 patch of SWBFII which has internet master server support for the new GoG patch! How ironic this was released shortly after the massive Led & Anyder FakeSpy Meltdown Incident of Summer 2017. It goes to show that even Disney/EA is not going to allow psychotic tyrants like LedTroll & AnyderTroll to publicly monopolize, ruin, and kill SWBF.

Other than that, I'm glad to see the community is returning! I've been more active this month than last month, and progress is being made with all of our SWBF community projects! :cheers:
LedTroll & AnyderTroll are pathetic fascist dictators who think (hallucinate) they have more authority than they really do. They don't control MP for SWBF. They don't control SWBFSpy or the SWBF community forums. Led, Anyder, and their cult of delusional idiot pawns are nothing more than jealous troll nazi posers spewing lies and propaganda on a dead troll spam forum, perverting and defacing all of my past contributions because of their severe jealousy and mental disorders. Led & Anyder & their FakeSpy Nazi Troll Cult have no access to the SWBF community or any of my new contributions to it now since I banned them from SWBF and SWBFSpy, and this makes them steaming mad rotten apples, who just had to go and RUIN IT for the majority of public non-hostile (but not active enough to want to participate in SWBF community forums) players! :-*
LedTroll keeps wasting all his money on rolling out more fake websites, and paying for new members to join his psychotic cyberstalker #NaziLamersFakeSpy troll cult!

Led, Anyder, and the rest of their NaziLamers FakeSpy Troll Cult are all certifiably psychotic:
Quote from: Definition of Psychotic:
A severe mental disorder, more serious than neurosis, characterized by disorganized thought processes, disorientation in time and space, hallucinations, and delusions. Paranoia, manic depression, megalomania, and schizophrenia are all psychoses. One who suffers from psychosis is psychotic.
Anyder's thought process is very disorganized, just see his shitty writing for proof of that lol. Anyder is disoriented completely from reality, and lost in his own galaxy of mental disorders and nazi propaganda. Led & Anyder both suffer from extreme hallucinations and delusions of grandeur. Gistech and Incognito are also mentally ill, and they too both suffer from the same mental disorders and psychotic delusions. AnyderTroll is a paranoid troll as seen by his constant cyberstalking and troll propaganda spewed all over steam and his other fake websites. LedTroll is paranoid too with his cyberstalking and the lies he constantly spams all over his dead troll spam forum. Their megalomania and manic depressive bipolar disorders are also highlighted by their hypocritical contradictions and abusive hostility + threats towards other players, even their own cult followers at times. Led & Anyder have severe schizophrenia and other abnormal mental disorders, this post only scratches the surface of it. :o

Since those trolls publicly defaced what was previously my profile on their extinct nazilamers troll spam site, I've returned the favor for Spamyder's previous account on FCBF:

September 23, 2017, 09:13:59 AM by Phobos | Views: 42 | Comments: 1

Proof that SleepKiller & Led & Anyder PLAgiarized Wolf & Phobos' SWBFSpy Project
Anyder says he didn't discourage me from building a master server - why would he bother with that when he was too busing trying to discredit me and plagiarize all of my creations and community contributions? Led says he didn't discourage me from building a master server, why would he need to discourage me when he tried to actively prevent me from doing so instead? He's the one who stole the .COM and .NET registration, both of which were my ideas originally. Also, everyone knew that I had been the one uploading battlefront.exe hex edits for 1.2 and 1.3 on PC & PS2 since gamespy died, and yet Anyder conspired with Led over PM in 2016 to "get the jump" on being the first to upload his plagiarism of my hex edits to their fake forum. Just to discredit me for the project I founded. Also when I uploaded PS2 exe, both Anyder & Led tried to discredit me for those too, just like the DNAS bypass fix, and much more...

SleepKiller tried to pretend he came up with the name SWBFSpy 11 days after Wolf created a discussion thread for it on the [FC] forum. Wolf's thread was posted on Dec 2nd 2013, SK's on Dec 13th 2013. This is obvious proof that SleepKiller and/or Led were in fact reading all my personal messages on swbfLamers despite claiming not to. SK's thread he started also structurally mirrors the one [FC]Wolf posted, as definitive proof that the plagiarism of SWBFSpy started with SleepKiller in 2013, then in 2016-2017 Led Anyder trying to take credit for it from myself and [FC]Wolf.

It's funny how 4 years after the SWBFSpy plagiarism was started, Led & Anyder throw a massive temper tantrum when I improved some elements of their fakespy disinfo site, yet they pretend it was ok that SleepKiller tried to essentially copy/rewrite [FC]Wolf's SWBFSpy thread in December 2013... The only difference is that SK didn't "improve" anything, only perverted what Wolf had written. I simply took a bunch of abhorrent lies written by Obergruppenführer Anyder, and replaced them with the truth for my website. This is not plagiarism or perversion, this is called uncensoring the truth behind the lies. Since Anyder started plagiarizing MY project along with SleepKiller & Led, I have every right to expose all of their lies and hostility.

Before posting the threads of [FC]Wolf and SleepKiller, I want to first show everyone the proof that Led is now trying to deny that I even came up with the name SWBFSpy, despite having already shown him the [FC]Wolf threads and additional proof, and even though I mentioned the name SWBFSpy in April/May 2016 on the private boards, Led is now pretending that post didn't exist because it's not public, and LYING again to the public about it out of jealousy. It was shortly after I posted about SWBFSpy that Led stole the fake .COM domain and Anyder stole the fake Steam group. The only reason I didn't ban them right away for this in May 2016 was because Led had promised to help me later with setting up a clone of Kalle's FAKEmaster MS, which Led now calls his FAKEspy MS. Of course being the liar that Led is, he broke that promise as explained here

Clearly Anyder is upset and holds serious resentment about his non-involvement in the Master Server. Led also stole the domain after breaking his agreement with me, to help me launch a new MS, and to work "together" on 2 MS projects at the same time, obviously due to his need to monopolize everything.
I found Led's betrayal of trust offensive enough to permanently remove him from SWBFSpy and ban him forever from the SWBF community. The same goes for Anyder, who even got banned from [FC] and -={InViS}=-, the biggest traitor of our clan in history, even moreso than Kishan. Poor trolls... If only Led was not a coward and knew how to keep his word, rather than hiding behind cheap excuses and lies, maybe he would not be banned right now lol
Here is proof of him breaking his agreement from last year. Yeah I had the foresight to save this too before Led's little temper tantrum. This is also proof of Anyder trying to plagiarize my ideas for "MS improvements" as mentioned on the SWBFSpy PS2 server blog. And further proof that the traitors went behind my back on May 27th 2016 to start their plagiarism of my SWBFSpy project, within days of me having revealed the "SWBFSpy" name and "SWBFSpy Leaderboards" concept to them.

Proof of Led trying to discredit Phobos in August 2017
Up until July 2017 when Led became completely hostile and fully determined to discredit me for SWBFSpy, he had acknowledged some of my contributions. I saved a copy of google cache which shows the post before it was edited, back when he acknowledged at least part of the truth, that I thought of the name (now he just lies completely pretending that it was all SleepKiller lol), although he had never given any credit to [FC]Wolf either, due to jealousy =

Here is a before and after pic, see how he edited his post to lie about me supposedly "alleging" something that I directly posted about before he ever did?

Now of course here are the threads, proving that I thought of SWBFSpy along with [FC]Wolf, and that we were having discussions on it first, before SleepKiller was first trying to plagiarize it, and wayyyyyyy before Led & Anyder started trying to plagiarize it too.

Want to know what's extremely funny? One day before SK posted his FAKEspy plagiarist thread, I called out that he might try copying our SWBFSpy name, guess I was more right than I knew!

SWBF1 tunngle has died due to trolls and corruption of noobs like Joseph hosting radarphobic cheat tournaments and Led hosting radarphobic nooby servers. FC servers is all that remains so the SWBFSpy fix will be FC only forever we are whats left of the swbf community and will remain troll free to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played.

So what's the final verdict of all this? The facts: [FC]Wolf and Phobos created SWBFSpy in September 2013, and started a discussion thread for it in December 2013. SleepKiller was the first troll who tried to plagiarize SWBFSpy from us, then Led & Anyder came along in 2016 to also try plagiarizing SWBFSpy. By mid 2017, Phobos finally had enough of it and banned all 3 of those trolls from the SWBFSpy Community. Now Led is spreading even more of his retarded delusions, pretending that he had his FAKEspy MS up and running since 2014. The jealous plagiarism and censorship of truth by these trolls has been exposed here and also many other threads on
The bottom line is that SleepKiller & Led & Anyder had no involvement in SWBFSpy. SleepKiller did not think of the name, Led did not register the domain, and Anyder did not become the project admin. Only in their delusional minds did that happen, and it's only believed by ignorant trolls on the few dead troll spam sites they are able to spread their pathetic lies on.

SWBFspy Master Server Team Credits
- Master Server Setup: Phobos & Wolf
- SWBFspy Name: Phobos & Wolf
- Domain Name Purchase and Setup: Phobos
- Client and Server Hex Edits: Phobos
- DNS server setup for PS2 players: Phobos using DNS query tool on Christian's DNS, and for testing DNS ingame
- DNAS Authentication Bypass Solution: Phobos
- SWBF1 & SWBF2 Community Outreach: Phobos
September 11, 2017, 06:26:41 PM by Phobos | Views: 33 | Comments: 0

Good evening,

I just wanted to remind you all that our SWBF community has a board dedicated to Server Admins who host on SWBFSpy to discuss and share tips, news and advice. If you want to join the group, contact Phobos.

The reason why I'm reminding everyone about it is because Anyder seems to be having fun crashing the servers. --Check the attachment--

If anyone needs help, feel free to send me a message here: ZombieDeathMob @ Steam;topic=192.0;attach=33;image
Phobos - Community Administrator
August 08, 2017, 07:01:57 PM by Phobos | Views: 124 | Comments: 1


- Phobos & Wolf creating the SWBFspy project in Sep 2013
- SleepKiller trying to steal credit for the name in Dec 2013

- Phobos mentioning the SWBFspy name & project on SWBFlamers
- Led and Anyder stealing/PLAgiarizing the project from Phobos by registering the FAKE domain and FAKE steam group
- Phobos creating the original EXE hex edits
- Anyder trying to discredit Phobos for the hex edits and tried to credit himself for it instead

- Phobos asking Led to honor his agreement to "help set up a clone of the MS for testing improvements to the code"
- Led saying he can't do that and that JediKiller won't help either
- Phobos donates to Led's MS and decides to work on the improved MS without Led's help
- Phobos asking Led & Anyder to work together on improving the MS with all 3 of us as admins
- Anyder not listing Phobos as admin or even a contributor/donator on his FAKEspy pages due to jealousy
- Phobos creating the real SWBFspy pages and being listed as admin while removing Led & Anyder from the project
- Anyder banning Phobos from Led's game servers
- Phobos banning Anyder from the [FC] clan and game servers
- Anyder creating the FAKEspy info website
- Anyder removing the game servers of Phobos from his FAKEspy community pages
- Phobos registering SWBFModders and the real SWBFspy domains and creating the SWBFspy info website
- Phobos removing Anyder's fake game servers from the SWBFspy community pages
- Led & Anyder ban Phobos and his VPS from the FAKEspy ms and also ban Phobos from the swbfLamers community
- Phobos bans Led & Anyder and their VPS servers from the SWBFspy MS and also bans Led & Anyder from the SWBFModders community
- Anyder and Led encourage others to spread their lies and begin discrediting Phobos for various mods and community contributions
- Phobos exposes the lies of Anyder and Led along with their ignorant minions by spreading the truth of his mods and community contributions
- Anyder and other trolls desperately spread more propaganda and lies on other websites
- Phobos effectively debunks the lies of Anyder and other trolls, by posting the truth on other websites
- Led removes Phobos' previous TWD boards on swbfLamers
- Phobos reposts the improved TWD boards on swbfModders
- Led publicly defaces Phobos' previous profile on swbfLamers
- Phobos further publicly exposes Led's continued increasing hostility towards swbfModders

* Community Announcements 2/3

August 04, 2017, 02:35:10 PM by Phobos | Views: 111 | Comments: 0

Hi SWBFmodders,

I have opened this active board for active mod projects and added proper moderators for the whole forum. Chief among them is The Walking Dead Battlefront -- If you can't access the newer mod builds, just remember that is a necessary consequence for too many LamerTrolls trying to censor this epic mod and pretend that it's inactive. Lmao yeah, it's about as inactive as "the sun shining over the Earth" :-*
Members of SWBFmodders have access to all builds v0.95 and beyond. TWDBF is the most active SWBF mod project ever built :cheers:

I'll also be cleaning up all future reposted threads and removing any "troll posts" such as those of hostilities from other (fake) SWBF forums.

Quote from: Led
I am no longer involved in modding
Let's be honest here, Led never was involved in any significant modding projects. The most that poser ever learned was how to script mission LUA, and copy/paste the tutorials written by others.

Notice how all the haters trolling and trying to censor my contributions, never made even 1% as much as I did for the community. Jealousy and ignorance combined can get pretty ugly. Just look at the PLAgiarist tyrants Led & Anyder for proof of that.
August 02, 2017, 10:38:28 PM by Phobos | Views: 724 | Comments: 17

Update May 2018 - added all following posts to the main post in quotes

Good night SWBF Community,
Tonight, there were more lies posted by Anyder and Led to debunk, as it is my duty as community admin to inform the public of all hostility and disinformation directed towards the real SWBF Community.

Two members who used to be in the Community but are now banned (Anyder and Led) are continuing to spread lies publicly on their website. Let's break down the lies and reveal the truth once again.

- I was never "invited" to leave SWBFLamers, I chose to after witnessing too much PLAgairism and corruption.
- The FAKEspy admins are corrupt, as evidenced by their recent tyranny and hostility

Here is the real history of SWBFspy:

SWBFSpy is managed by Phobos at and supported by Game Ambassadors SirPimped and Elite.

SWBFSpy was the name given to the OpenSpy Master Server replacement, first started in 2013 by Phobos and Wolf. The Master Server lets players join servers using a "server browser".

I posted the name SWBFSpy in September 2013, it wasn't until December 2013 that SleepKiller heard about this from another [FC] member and tried to steal credit for the idea. The liar, Anyder, is now trying to discredit me entirely, even though I have already posted public proof that I created it in September 2013, months before anyone else ever mentioned it.
SWBF1 tunngle has died due to trolls and corruption of noobs like Joseph hosting radarphobic cheat tournaments and Led hosting radarphobic nooby servers. FC servers is all that remains so the SWBFSpy fix will be FC only forever we are whats left of the swbf community and will remain troll free to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played.

This is how it was always meant to be, SWBFSpy will have a "whitelist" and only approved members can play it. This is to keep out trolls and server crashers such as Anyder.

Phobos purchased the official domain name,, and made the appropriate hex edits, which Anyder also tried to discredit me for. The new MS is not fully functional yet, but many have contributed to the project, including Luigi, CHC, Masaq, Spanky, and Soneek, along with some players from the PS2 community. We have also received donations and are not giving up on the project, just because some posers tried to steal it from us, and paid exorbitant amounts of money for help from other PLAgiarists.

There is plenty of evidence I thought of SWBFSpy first, Anyder is in denial, and obviously trying to censor any evidence that remains on SWBFLamers. I'm sure soon enough, Led will follow suit.

Unfortunately, Anyder seems to think he has some role of administration of the SWBFSpy MS. He is not involved in the project however, despite posting lies on his fake websites.

I registered the SWBFLamers youtube years ago just in case something like this were to ever happen. I made it very concise and easy to understand, not confusing like Anyder claims. Much unlike the fake youtube.

Clearly Anyder is upset and holds serious resentment about his non-involvement in the Master Server. Led also stole the domain after breaking his agreement with me, to help me launch a new MS, and to work "together" on 2 MS projects at the same time, obviously due to his need to monopolize everything.

I posted way back in May 2016 that the .ORG domain would be registered in the event of something like this, the .NET was a decoy, so I was not upset by Led's predictable decisions. In fact, it was Anyder who became enraged by my exposure of his lies about SWBFSpy.

SWBFSpy,com unfortunately has been stolen by Led and SleepKiller, but as long as I have access to the master server then it will be manageable.

If Led tries to steal this name for himself, I'll leave his failed NaziLamers troll spam forum permanently. We went to great methods to ensure [FC] would always have some level of admin for the SWBFSpy Master Server project we thought of 3 years ago.

Some of these posts here will be reposted on swbflamers but I'll edit them first to make sure nothing about the whitelist/blacklist ideas get revealed. Basically here is our contingency plans for managing the SWBF Community:
- For now we let Led and JediKiller run the master server, as long as I have access we will be able to learn how to control the server. Since OpenSpy released the source that is useful, but all the additional knowledge of transferring all the files to a new master server and setting that up wasn't documented in detail AFAIK.
- If at any point Led and SK abuse their power we will have a copy of the master server and can rename swbfspy,com to or whatever other domain is useable. Then we can implement our own whitelist/blacklist if needed and post it public on our sites. This will "split" the community between pros and trolls, and should only be done as a last resort if Led can no longer be trusted as the public authority figure for SWBF.
- If Led refuses to let anyone from [FC] co-admin the master server or access the files, I will personally never release another mod on swbflamers again and leave that forum. If he is gonna insist on using our master server name then he needs to respect the creators by not trying to take away our ownership of the idea.
See, there is no way Led and SK are gonna have higher Tier access to SWBFSpy than the InvisAdmins.

Recently Anyder made a fake info website and tried to exclude me as a game server admin. This required me to launch the real info website, listing the real game server admins.

I never threatened Anyder or Led, I said that if they would not recognize the facts, they would be exposed for lying, and it's true, neither they or anyone else can stop the truth from being revealed. In fact Anyder is the one who started with threats first, then Led.

Anyder claims I am creating fake groups and pages, which I am not, but he is. All the pages I created were due to Led's inability to recognize the truth, so his fake project was banned as a result. Most of what Anyder posted on his fake info site was ripoffs and copies of what Phobos had originally written, on GameTracker, the clan server sites, and more. was registered because the .COM and .NET domains were stolen, not to cause confusion, but rather clarity regarding the truth. Anyder is now posting partial quotes of mine on his fake websites, trying to confuse and disinform the public of the truth.

We want everyone to understand why we banned Anyder and Led. The ban will be permanent, and the truth will never be censored.

SWBF Community Leader Phobos - SWBFSpy

PS. All my contributions on SWBFLamers are being censored/hidden from the public according to Led. He thinks this offends me, but it doesn't. Everything I posted there is obsolete, so many great contributions will be made on SWBFModders, and everything of value is being reuploaded over the following months. Led does not wish me well at all, quite the opposite, since if he really did, then instead of banning me and breaking his agreement, he would have honored his word and not tried to usurp my administration of SWBFSpy. I know that coding an MS is not the easiest task, but at least Led has recognized one truthful fact: I do have what it takes to build it. Led is now banned, just like Anyder, for being a pathetic idiot.

I will do whatever it takes to keep the SWBF Community alive, and all hostile supporters of the FAKE community banned. In a few years from now, hopefully more players understand the truth, and why this all had to happen. As a final note, I just want to remind everyone of one thing, that all the future holds for Led's fake community is further censorship/hiding of my past contributions, because they have nothing better to do, whereas the future of SWBFModders holds production, creation of new mods, and more cool developments :cheers:

Jean is clearly obsessed with lying and spreading delusions, when you consider he has no authority over SWBFSpy, and pretends I don't, when in fact I run all the game servers and created the master server. It is obvious that Jean is trying to cover up Anyder's PLAgiarism by pretending he thought someone framed me, proving his self-image obsession, simply because I wasn't afraid to post the truth.

It's a shame to watch someone like GDH92 who has no talent, lie and claim that I am wasting mine, which is not the case by a long shot. I'm not trying to harm Battlefront, that is Anyder and Led's agenda, and clearly GDH92's also. GDH92 is a liar by claiming I'm trying to hurt Battlefront, when I am only trying to save it. I am supporting the community and defending it from tyrants who seek to censor and destroy years of generous contributions. GDH92 is acting very childish about it, hopefully one day he can take a step back, see how full of shit he is, and get on with finding something better to do. Meanwhile I will continue to keep the game alive as I've been doing all these years :cheers:

The fake websites of Anyder & Led keep getting rolled out on various platforms, so dont' be fooled by them. The real websites I've created have listed the only players who actually are involved with the SWBFSpy project. I am not using aliases as members, Led is a liar. CHC, Soneek, Masaq, and the other openspy team members are all real, seperate individuals, despite the lies that HitLed wants people to believe.

Only because Anyder tried to remove me from his FAKEspy group, I then changed the ICW6 group and removed all trolls from it. I had founded that group anyway, so there was never a takeover, only a cleaning out of garbage.

I suggest that everyone leave Led's FAKESpy group, along with every one of his brainwashed troll supporters. Let him be a nazi in his own servers but no others.

This is perhaps the biggest temper tantrum AND ungrateful abuse of power I've ever seen anyone display, on Led's part. ;)

I recently watched Star Wars EP 1-3 again, and now I can't stop connecting Palpatine with Shaking_Sniper. He has the same type of troll mentality, Darth Sidious aka Darth Shaking_Sniper the lying sith troll :-*

It's a darn shame to see another troll without any talent like Commander Awesome lying, pretending I'm enraged simply for speaking the truth, and also for pretending that managing a master server and running a community is something "so petty". Probably because he is the one who's petty, which also explains the nazi officer uniform as his avatar lol.
I witnessed Anyder crying yet again today about being banned from SWBFSpy, which I thought was pretty funny. Nobody cares about getting banned from Anyder's mental delusion. All who support Anyder-Nazi's lies with more hostility are rightfully going to be banned from the SWBF Community. I invite everyone to read the truth here, and witness the hilarious exposure of trolls who think they can get away with their pathetic trolling

Also, apparently Anyder is crashing everyone's FAKE servers. No SWBF1 servers have been crashed today. He is not crashing SWBF2 servers since those are on GameRanger and he lacks the knowledge of how to do that. Over the years I've been sent hacks/mods that are capable of crashing both games, but instead of trying to kill the game like Anyder, I have developed multiple anti-crash protection methods for both games.
Now Davenport / Ultimo knows what it's like when everything you have is kicked out from under you, and to get permbanned from [FC]. Nothing of mine was lost or kicked out from under me, I simply removed un-needed tyrants from the community for abusing their power. Unfortunately for Davenport, he didn't have much, and actually made no contributions to the community, but ultimately this was his own doing.

Also in Led's case, he kicked it out from under himself, trying to kick me too.

Yes, certainly, I don't know what kind of life Davenport has outside of this, but he's making it seem obvious that he doesn't have one at all.
Incognito desperately tries to spread disinfo like a failed liar, like his role model "SeargentMarkIV", although with way less effort than others, because he is so boring and nobody likes him. A darn shame to see another jealous non-contributing fool like Incognito spew more BS and become enraged over the truth. Just another ungrateful nazi who thinks he can PLAgiarize my TWD mods, how pathetic :-*
- I want this to be 100% clear: only SWBFModders and ModDB has permission to host my mods or assets. No other site may host my content. Furthermore, we don't plan on hosting any "useless content" from non-contributors like Gistech. He has made nothing of value anyway.

Gistech has become more than just petty: He is clearly paranoid and delusional, and mentally ill, and obsessed with what I think. He is projecting hard, pretending I give a shit what his idiotic failed brain "thinks", when I don't, I only care to disprove his lies that he spews publicly. Gistech is severely mentally ill. Gistech is accusing everyone who supports the lies of not being a nazi, when the very act of doing so makes them nazis, and denying how much of a nazi he really is, which means "someone who abuses power". He is trying to bring racism and genocide into the matter like a sad pathetic troll. The last I checked, Gistech is an even bigger nazi than ever before, spewing out lies like a fountain does water.

I actually saw the lies Gistech wrote on his "fake extinct community" and witnessed again how he tried to plagairize what I've written, trying to pervert the truth with more of his filfthy disgusting lies. I've defended the truth on here and have the right to repost/reupload ALL my contributions here, that sad mentally broken troll can get as butthurt as he wants but it won't change anything. It's quite cute, rather pathetic actually, how Gistech is determined to burn every single bridge he has, while also pretending that I've burned bridges, when in fact I have simply taken out the garbage, and reinforced the bridges that actually matter. It is also quite cute that Gistech pretends I have "clones" on my website, what a paranoid psychotic moron lol. Gistech truly is a pestilence to SWBF and will stay banned forever for being such a malignant hostile troll.

- I suspect Led will continue to thrash about for a very long time and continue to spread fake lies on his extinct forum by which to voice his lame jealousy of me, along with all his minions who support his lies. Led will try to maximize the disinformation, but thanks in advance to those who can see through his BS. The very creation of this forum shows how much I've managed to minimize the damage -- if I hadn't fought back against the tyranny -- there would not even be a SWBF community anymore.

- I'd rather just forget about Gistech and get on with modding seasons 3-4 of TWD Battlefront. I've said what needs to be said about that loser and have far more important things to do than continously call him out for his worrysome and obvious mental issues. Hopefully he will stop spewing BS so I can get on with building more mods and a master server for the community. His failed plagiarist legacy BS fails anyway, just another attempt to ripoff ideas from my BF2 maps conversion thread posted years ago.

- How regrettable for Red04 to become a nazi, and for no apparent reason pretend like the ban message (originally for Anyder and Led) was directed towards him. It actually wasn't, until he started pretending it was lol. Also, I don't care why Red04 joined a lame extinct forum, nobody does actually, and I never claimed to know why. I want Red04 to know he is a liar, and a hacker, and I won't support lying hackers like him trying to dissolve not only the SWBF community, but also the large number of players who play SWBF. I also want the community to know that by building the master server and defending the community from tyrants, I am doing the exact opposite of what Red04 claims, because he is what we call a "non-contributor", who didn't save SWBF multiplayer for 5 years in a row (and still going), like I did. In fact, if I hadn't saved it for those ungrateful mentally ill chumps, the noob Red04 likely wouldn't have been there to begin with.
I suggest all server admins ban the liar Incognito, and lock all of his threads because they are useless, and read the truth on this website which provides a platform to support his lack of sanity and delusions. Obviously Incognito does no good for the community (another extremely jealous shit-talking non-contributor) and is an insane psychotic troll.

I've restarted all the SWBF Game Servers in the US for PC and PS2. Looks like Anyder is crashing the FAKE servers...
Gee, I wonder how much bigger of a troll Davenport is gonna become?
Man, that's ridiculous. Is there a way to combat the hostility?
Of course there is, I've added anti-crash tutorial for the community to stop trolls like Anyder & Davenport. More solutions are currently being tested.
Update posted on the SWBFSpy Community Info Page ->

Admin Update Aug 16th: Led & Anyder tried to block me and my VPS completely, copied all my servers/settings like jealous posers (the SWBFSpy PS2 server, [FC] Mos Cit server, etc.) , and then tried to steal my playerbase, using lies and manipulation. Just stealing credit for SWBFSpy wasn't enough -- they had to ban their greatest community contributor, server host, and game modder of all time. In other words, an instant "resignation" of their previously delegated power and participation in the SWBF community. As admin of the community, I simply do not just allow such hostility to manifest without banning and exposing those involved in such malice.

Now they have more delusional minions supporting their ungrateful plagiarist tyranny, because most MP games these days unfortunately have a worthless "troll base" of non-contributors whose sole purpose is to act trollish and hostile towards those who keep the community running, and release game-changing mods of all kinds. They will support fascist liars like Anyder and Led because they are either paid by them to be shills, or they're just too jealous and pathetic to actually contribute something of value to the game.

This is why I won't stop to defend the SWBF community from exposing and banning tyrants like that, and all those who support them. 15-30 nazi trolls is not 85% of the community, it is 0%. One dedicated contributor is worth more than a thousand non-contributors. I will finish the SWBFSpy master server as I originally envisioned it in 2013, and I will restore all the servers that I created for everyone to play in (excluding the banned tyrants), and I'll also release new mods and server mods to the community over the next few years. Everything will be restored over time, despite Led & Anyder's desperate attempts to censor all of my past contributions. No amount of effort on their part is going to take down what I've worked hard to preserve all these years, and I will continue saving online multiplayer for Star Wars Battlefront, as I have been doing ever since 2012.

Anyder was never anywhere close to ever becoming an Illuminated Modder. He just wanted to wear that tag because I did, because he was jealous. As recently seen, Anyder struggled with just a simple plagiarism of my Kamino GCW mission LUA. Likewise, Led was never the community admin of Star Wars Battlefront, only his lame nazitoast jr forum. Just because he paid a bunch of jealous trolls to play in a low tps radarphobic Cloud City server never gave him more power than me over the SWBF Community. I took over as admin in 2009 after Beta retired, and have been leading the SWBF Community ever since [FC] transitioned from 1.0 to 1.2. Even since before MPCgamers died and was corrupted into the extinct fascist disinfo pit seen today, I have been actively storing all the necessary information and resources needed to create a true SWBF Community forum. Knowing it was my duty to preserve as much as possible from being erased by jealous tyrants, I made a copy over the years of everything important. A non-fascist true SWBF modding community has not existed since the shut down of SecretSociety by Psych0fred. SWBFModders is here to pick up the torch where SecretSociety left off -- and there is much to look forward to over the next few years!

I'd like to thank all who support the truth and respect my contributions as the community leader. To hell with the ones who don't and are deluded by their own stupidity/jealousy/mental disorders, they get to miss out on everything that is continually taking SWBF mods and servers to the next level, from 2017 onwards lol

- Phobos, the SWBFSpy Administrator & Star Wars Battlefront Community Leader 2009-2017.
RepComm's wrath is still visible despite his soft post. I know he hopes I will give up on SWBF, on the community, on TWD Battlefront, etc. He's hoping I'll let go of the project because he doesn't have the same passion for modding the game as me. Lol? He's the one who can give up on it all... I've invested money into this game, so now is not the time to back down from it. And I know he is censoring his own projects at this point, but trust me, I don't plan on doing that. That's nice of RepComm to hope I won't come back to my older mod projects too, because I have a lot of cool projects planned for the community, whether or not others choose to be part of that is their choice. I'm not just gonna quit over a few noobs not knowing what respect means lol

Phobos here, I understand that if the Founder of a company or group decides to temporarily delegate power to others, and they tried to say they were the ones in charge, it would be wise to let them go.
However, it is my nature to prove the truth of what really happened by providing solid evidence for others to read.
That said, don't try to start drama over this like a lot of organizations do. Not saying Tykylo isn't trolling, just some friendly advice for the future. Thanks.

SWBFSpy is a company. We host the masterserver with our own money and spend our time on it, improving it too, at our own will. Anyder has never been in charge, but he wants to be listed as admin of the group, yet there was nothing he could manage. The evidence can be found on , exactly on these posts:
Also, have a look at

Why is Tykylo so delusional lol. Is Anyder really that power-hungry to create a copy of someone else's project? Yes. Is Tykylo really that big of a power-hungry ignorant troll to support Anyder's lies? Yes. Now I believe Tykylo is a troll who wants to get banned. Before I was uncertain because of the circumstances presented in his first comment. I always make sure to provide the truth of what really happened before asking anyone to believe it. I apologize if that offends some, but Tykylo is a troll who insisted on supporting false lies.

I've been around long enough to understand the general nature of happenings like this. One guy like Phobos comes out with an idea for a master server project named SWBFSpy. Then another person named Anyder comes out with false information, contradicting the previous guy's claims, and then a fight ensues. Then along comes another guy, Tykylo, trying to twist the truth and ignoring the facts presented on the SWBFSpy Timeline Point is, I've observed situations like this develop and then just spill over into chaos. That's why I've implemented some damage control and exposed all the liars.

We will see how this one ends... The problem is we encourage Anyder to stop spreading lies while we build the Masterserver, but he just won't let us continue living our lives... Meh
New Community Administrator Message posted on our info website @

Community Administrator Message 2018
Despite all the problems that came up during the past year of 2017, I decided to renew my position as Community Administrator, so far, at least until 2018 ends. After this it is certain that I will continue to support SWBFSpy in one way or another; but I may step down from the SWBFSpy Organization Dpt. to become a SWBFSpy Special Consultant, and pick a new Community Administrator out of all the Game Ambassadors. I'm not sure yet about this, though, it seems unlikely for me to do this at least until the MasterServer is totally in place with all its planned features. This last 2017 was hard with all the lies spread about me by two former community members in particular, along with some others. The two people in question, were well-known players who dug their own graves to be banished from our community. This is probably one of the things I hated most from the past 8 years as Community Administrator, but they gave us no choice. However, Anyder claims to have never discouraged my creation of SWBFSpy, but he is lying, as his actions prove he is against everything I do to help the community. Everyone should be mature enough to pick how and with who they want to play. Anyder has no right, as a non-admin, and also as a non-developer, of SWBFSpy, to be "calling the shots" of who gets banned from it. Good thing he has no power over SWBFSpy, only Led's fake MS. We could just write as many pages about Led & Anyder, the way they are doing with us, but, what will be the point (other than spreading the message of truth to expose the lies) ? Clearly Anyder and Led are not going to change their minds, and it doesn't mean, I'm going to stop doing all I have done for the community over the past 10 years, just because of them. After I became Community Administrator I contacted all the server owners and told them: It is up to each of you whether you want someone to join your servers or not, but a major decision will require all of the community's approval. Hopefully we'll have a great 2018 growing just as much as the past years, with new members and/or new mods, and this time without lying plagiarist trolls around such as Anyder who only try to kill and insult our amazing community, and the legacy of Star Wars Battlefront!

- Phobos, the SWBFSpy Administrator & Star Wars Battlefront Community Leader 2017-2018.

P.S. I'm so glad I finally kicked Anyder and Led out of the SWBF Community. They did a shit job at what I had temporarily trusted and delegated to them, and now they're profoundly upset that I took it away because of their abuse. Led, Anyder, and the other delusional minion trolls (listed on the Community Blacklist) were not good for the SWBFSpy Community, and it is of massive benefit to everyone that I've permanently banned these hostilities once and for all.
Clearly Anyder is upset and holds serious resentment about his non-involvement in the Master Server. Led also stole the domain after breaking his agreement with me, to help me launch a new MS, and to work "together" on 2 MS projects at the same time, obviously due to his need to monopolize everything.
I found Led's betrayal of trust offensive enough to permanently remove him from SWBFSpy and ban him forever from the SWBF community. The same goes for Anyder, who even got banned from [FC] and -={InViS}=-, the biggest traitor of our clan in history, even moreso than Kishan. Poor trolls... If only Led was not a coward and knew how to keep his word, rather than hiding behind cheap excuses and lies, maybe he would not be banned right now lol
Here is proof of him breaking his agreement from last year. Yeah I had the foresight to save this too before Led's little temper tantrum. This is also proof of Anyder trying to plagiarize my ideas for "MS improvements" as mentioned on the SWBFSpy PS2 server blog. And further proof that the traitors went behind my back on May 27th 2016 to start their plagiarism of my SWBFSpy project, within days of me having revealed the "SWBFSpy" name and "SWBFSpy Leaderboards" concept to them.

Jean pretending that led "created" swbfspy doesn't make it true lol. That idiot should cut the crap and be real. Obviously Jean knows he isn't in control of SWBFSpy and I am. And neither are the non-founders. The founders remain in control. Why is Jean putting so much effort into denying the truth? *lightbulb* oh I see, he's bored and just a pathetic troll who made a half-ass attempt to plagiarize previous tutorials. Jean should just stop with his lies...

Also Tykylo is a pathetic moron with no life who deserves -rep for spreading lies and being a general dumbass troll. I made him cry LMAO! He got upset and attacked the official SWBFSpy Steam forum -- spewing his poor lies on the fake one wasn't enough apparently. Tykylo should just fuck off off because he is such a pitiful disgrace to every website he visits. He also made himself cry, but I didn't cry. I just banned him, LMAO

Both of those trolls have recently increased their hostility, with Led of course trying to protect their spreading of more disinfo like the weak coward that he knows he is.

This thread and many others are being added to archive page :cheers:
Here is proof that Phobos created SWBFSpy .TGA files in December 2013. They were posted on NaziLamers early 2016, shortly after LedTroll & AnyderTroll saw that they tried to steal the SWBFSpy name from Phobos. Anyder also tried to steal credit for the community hex edits that Phobos had been uploading for years. Both trolls tried to usurp Phobos & Wolf, and discredit us for the founding of SWBFSpy. They thought they could get away with it by stealing some domains from me before the MS was even finished, however, they were banned for their trolling, and have never been involved in SWBFSpy. Their FAKEspy failure only exists because LedTroll paid some German trolls to buy their FAKEmaster, and then LedTroll thought he could PLAgiarize my creation with the help of AnyderTrollTheTraitor. By mid-2017 I'd had enough of LedTroll going back on his word to help set up a clone and AnyderTroll stealing credit for my contributions... Since then, all trolls involved in the FAKEspy failure are banned from SWBFSpy.

Copied from Newsletter 237 Mid:

I always knew the plagiarist coward LedTroll was going to try stealing credit for my SWBFSpy creation, that's why I was trying to finish it before it went public. As predicted, when I proved I thought of it and talked about it first, LedTroll the liar pretended I didn't, and started a poser cult. All the sad idiots who believe his sad lies are banned from SWBFSpy, SleepKiller included, for reading my personal messages, and trying to steal credit for thinking of the name that I HAD POSTED FIRST. It was only a few days after Wolf and I were talking about it that the plagiarist SleepKiller tried stealing credit for the creation of SWBFSpy. LedTroll, AnyderTroll, and SleepKillerTroll all know that I created SWBFSpy, but their jealousy made them try to plagiarize and steal it from me. This resulted in me banning them from SWBFSpy, which is the creation of [FC]Wolf and myself. They will be exposed for many years, until their plagiarist nazi cult FAKEspy sites and servers forever go offline. Those pathetic trolls think just because they stole a couple domains, that somehow gave them total control over my creation, but it didn't. All they have is an illusory copycat ripoff of my master server, as well as copycat ripoffs of my game servers. AnyderTroll betrayed the [FC] clan, copied all the mods that I created over to his fake server, and he clears the stats for it every month because of how embarrassed he is nobody plays there. He doesn't know how to properly host or maintain a server using the mods I built, and nobody in the SWBF community wants to play in his plagiarist failure fake shit. Same goes for LedTroll copying all my PS2 server mods and settings, nobody cares about his failed plagiarism or plays there. Since I've banned those cowards, nobody plays in their fake servers. Whereas the real SWBFSpy servers are always busy on EvolveHQ, and very soon, our MS will finally be finished -- the one and only true SWBFSpy -- hosted by Phobos, the true creator and founder of SWBFSpy. I play more SWBF every day than all of those fake poser trolls combined. AnyderTroll is too stupid to make his own game server mods, so the lazy coward just copied mine like a poser. I will continue spreading the truth for many decades into the future, and keeping the SWBF community alive as I have for the past 10 years. Tons of public videos are being made later this year, including a SWBFSpy Documentary, which covers the entire history of it, and exposes ALL the PLAgiarist thief nazi trolls in depth. Those who wish to support the real SWBFSpy may contact me on our forums or steam. Those who don't, can get banned if they choose to be hostile. I thought of SWBFSpy first, and I will make sure I'm also the last to talk about it. I'll keep SWBFSpy alive for many years after the fake poser hijack failure by LedTroll and AnyderTroll is gone forever. Because they didn't do anything but try to usurp all of my creations -- and the exposure of their hostility won't end, until they finally resign their pathetic attempts to steal credit for all I've done to keep the SWBF community alive over the years. I'll be expanding the SWBFSpy project over the next decade as well, to grow much bigger than the fakespy failure could ever dream of. Those disrespectful trolls failed epically at trying to steal my creations, and the truth of SWBFSpy will be spread further and further across the internet for many years into the future, as I continue keeping SWBF alive!

Proof I was the most active in the FAKE servers (these are not real game servers, and not hosted on SWBFSpy, the real SWBFSpy servers I host, have even higher stats) before LedTroll got ultra-jealous and tried to censor my stats, because he knows he doesn't even have 1% of the passion, dedication, creativity, honesty, and contributions for Star Wars Battlefront that I have. He knows even in 10 years he will never play as much as I do in 1 year, or ever build any mods, or new hacks for the game, etc. Same for AnyderTroll, and all of their nazi cult minions. In time, those posers will be forgotten, once they finally give up their failed plagiarism. Long live SWBFSpy, SWBFModders, [FC], and -={InViS}=-
Copied from Newsletter 246:

AnyderNaziTroll attacked us over 100 times in under 15 mins on 5/10/18 with DDoS spam from 18 IPs. Main attacker IPs:  ~40 from,  ~20 from, ~10 from
- Once upon a time there was a scumbag piece of shit troll named Led/Buckler, the biggest tyrant ever in the history of SWBF and the most pathetic disgraced coward to ever plague the internet. He's been cyberstalking me for years now like the jealous failure he is, and only briefly pretended to want peace, before revealing his true intentions of hostility and PLAgiarism. Back in 2009/2010 I was constantly owning his weak troll clan in their failed servers, and LedTroll would get jealous and boot anyone who killed him, even if they didn't break any of his dumbass rules. BucklerTroll has always been a tyrant who wanted to monopolize and eventually kill SWBF multiplayer, once AnyderTroll started getting jealous of all my contributions too he started a "Hate Phobos Cult" with LedTroll. Over the years I've been the most active player and community contributor in the game, and the jealous coward nazis just tried to erase my stats instead of accepting the truth. However, now I've banned those pathetic tyrants forever from SWBFSpy. Those pathethic fascist posers thought they could steal my project and cut me out of multiplayer for being the most active, helpful, and dedicated player in the servers. How wrong they were to underestimate me! LedTroll failed to kill SWBF and got exposed for it, and ended up only getting himself locked out of MP, along with AnyderTroll, Obergruppenführer Phantom, and all the other Nazi Trolls who joined LedTroll's cult of psychotic jealous nazi tyrants.
- Now that I've finally made SWBFSpy fully operational, our community can once again rack in points on GameTracker, and soon the SWBFSpy Leaderboards! I will be much more active in the servers now that SWBFSpy is functional, and I'm working on adding leaderboards and some other nice features, along with new versions of ZeroFront and TWD Battlefront mod. Big updates coming to the SWBFModders forum too! BuckleTroll's cult is frantically thrashing about now, trying to steal credit for as many of my ideas, inventions, and contributions as possible, since it's the only thing they can do now besides making more fake profiles on their dead failed forum. The best part is there is no way trolls can ever set us back again, since I've banned all the hostilities, and saved SWBF multiplayer from being killed by those sad NaziLamers. LedTroll and AnyderTroll wanted to kill SWBF for all of the players, but they forever failed thanks to my efforts! They may have banned the entire community from their FAKEspy MS, but anyone who wants to play SWBF internet can download the SWBFSpy patch I've posted on since they have no authority over SWBFSpy. Long live the only true SWBF community there is!
- Exposure documentary might be ready by 2019, this will be over an hour long and expose all NaziTrolls!
August 09, 2017, 06:02:34 PM by Phobos | Views: 104 | Comments: 1

Modder of the month award for July and August 2017 goes to Phobos, for building the community websites and releasing TWD v0.95 :cheers:

* Community Announcements 3/3

July 29, 2017, 04:30:23 PM by Phobos | Views: 504 | Comments: 8

Update May 2018 - added all following posts to the main post in quotes

Here is proof of Anyder being a plagiarist and his severe mental disorder. He copied all my styles of servers, websites, and PS2 information, so I had to debunk all the "disinformation" he posted on his fake info website. Anyder also copied my forum design, even using the exact same stars background that is seen here lol

Here is also proof of Led being banned for his ingratitude and jealousy of my developments and contributions over the years. He was banned today for abusing his power and trying again to censor the truth about SWBFSpy. I created the name and group for SWBFSpy first, Anyder and Led tried to duplicate and steal my project like plagiarists. However, all that really resulted from their failed attempts was the community moving to

The truth will be visible on forever and every single lie posted by Anyder, Led, and anyone else will be exposed and disproven completely.

SWBFSpy Community Blacklist (updated May 2018): These hostile disgraced nazi troll IPs have been permanently banned + blacklisted from all official SWBF Community Websites & Servers for their failed attempts at killing the SWBF Community. The list is updated almost every month, with more trolls crawling out of the woodwork and joining the NaziCult in order to get banned. = LedNaziTroll = LedNaziTroll = AnyderNaziTroll
TBA = DarkPhantomNaziTroll = KalleNaziTroll = SandmanNaziTroll = JeanNaziTroll = JeanNaziTroll = JeanNaziTroll = gdh92NaziTroll
TBA = Shaking_SniperNaziTroll
TBA = Commander AwesomeNaziTroll = DavenportNaziTroll = IncognitoNaziTroll aka IncogniTroll = IncognitoNaziTroll aka IncogniTroll = IncognitoNaziTroll aka IncogniTroll
TBA = GistechNaziTroll
TBA = Jdee-BarcNaziTroll = Drunken_MasterNaziTroll
TBA = Red04 (CC-4398)NaziTroll
TBA = RepCommNaziTroll = TirpiderNaziTroll = TykyloNaziTroll = TykyloNaziTroll
TBA = Thor110NaziTroll TBA = Commander HazardNaziTroll
TBA = 411RemnantNaziTroll = GoldMan27NaziTroll
TBA = TeancumNaziTroll = ThePlushieZoneNaziTroll = TioQueToca74 / YoSoyIngeniero = NAZILamers = FAKEServer = FAKEServer = FAKEServer = FAKEWebsite = FAKEWebsite = FAKEWebsite = FAKESpy = FAKEServer

AnyderNaziIP Subnets:

Anyder Nazi IPs

- Gistech suffers from delusions of grandeur, paranoia, and a hilarious belief that swbfLamers and NaziToast will somehow outlive the SWBF community. SWBFModders is the central hub for SWBF1 and SWBF2, where most active modders of both games reside. I love how Gistech lives up to being a true coward nazi, he is a hilarious insult to the community that has contributed absolutely nothing of value, and his weak improper lies have failed epicly.

- The screencaps of Jdee-Barc's stupid posts are ripe material for memes about him acting like the "wannabe-clever fedora-tipping neckbeard" that he is. I mean, how does he have time to create and write a bunch of lies and hogwash? Well, probably because he's never made mods. He obviously doesn't have a job or go to school. His emotional investment in video games is his only way to escape the stress of reality so he can't imagine standing up for the truth, when he's too worked up supporting Led's & Anyder's lies.

- RepComm seems to have reading comprehension issues. No effort was wasted on the new project, as the only effort wasted was making contributions to swbfLamers, thinking those noobs would appreciate them. The kind of work on our crispy new website is useful, and not misleading, despite RepComm's failure to recognize the truth.

- Led does not wish Phobos success and vice versa. Anyone that knows Led already knows that everything in all of his posts are based on his own mind, and not in reality. We all know Led wants to pretend like he thought of SWBFSpy before Phobos, but he didn't. It is his ego that requires others to feed into the lie, and he pays them money to do so. What a waste.

- Two of Drunken Master's multiple personalities are suffering from delusions, pretending Phobos hacked into random Oklahama laptops.

- Ah cool, Drunk Master posted more proof to publicly show the mental disorder Anyder has. In fact he has at least 11 severe disorders, probably more lol. It was suggested to create a fundraising page for Anyder's mental health, anyone interested ? Lol

- Anyder has banned everyone from his FAKEspy out of jealousy. Like I said a long time ago, if SWBFspy hadn't been created by Phobos and was under Anyder's administration, the active community would be about 85% smaller right now due to being banned lol

- I wouldn't doubt Davenport supporting the nazi Anyder if he was given that kind of power, good thing he isn't. Glad I chose not to get to know or promote Ultimo during the short time he was in the greatest SWBF clan of all time, considering he did nothing. Davenport seems a little too centered in his own delusional universe of lies.

- Tirpider once again acting like he knows things he doesn't. Making up more lies about Phobos somehow redirecting DNS traffic. Tirpider is probably just asking to be blocked from the servers, since he is not-yet-blocked from SWBFspy. Much simpler solution than letting another nazi run rampant.

- Davenport's attack on Phobos is really a double-edged sword, but I wonder if he already knows that. He's so wrapped up in spreading lies and trying to diminish the reputation of Phobos and all the contributions he made, yet in his attempt to bring Phobos down and spread lies about him, he's only bringing down the image of the (extinct) community that he holds so dear. The true irony is that Davenport is the one attacking the community and Phobos, by desperately spewing lies to admins of other websites, trying to drag as many outsiders as possible into the drama he's started. So much anger over getting banned from the greatest clan ever!

- There is only one edge to SWBF and Led never had it. He only tried to steal what was created by others he got jealous of.

- Red should not have bought the lie that was sold to him by swbfLamers. Phobos never opened a war against the "fake" community on Led's forum, instead Phobos supported it for years, until Led abused his power. It was Anyder who started a war (that he lost miserably) against the SWBF community and [FC]. Then Led and several minions joined in, only to get themselves banned and exposed for trolling. I never turned my back on the SWBF community, I actually created the real website for it. There was no respect on swbfLamers, that extinct forum is the most "disrespectful" joke of a community anyone has ever seen. swbfmodders is respectful of those who respect the truth. Also, Red got banned for becoming a nazi troll for no apparent reason. How regrettable for him.

- Well, you know, Led will only be encouraged to spread more lies. He can't accept the fact that truth permeates all lies, and that the community has moved to a new forum. Led is pretending Phobos made more than one account during the month of July 2017, which is also false. Phobos could just as easily stay away from Led's fake forum, but has a responsibility to the community to disprove all the lies. Let Led live in his own delusional world of lies by himself, and anyone else that wants to feed his ego. Led is also lying by saying that Phobos IP banned Tirpider during July 2017, which he didn't.

- Drunken Master is now lying and saying that Phobos just recently blocked his IP and went to "tedious" efforts to do so. This is not true. Drunken was banned months ago, and the ban has been in place ever since. Obviously it was less tedious for Phobos to ban the troll, than it was for Drunken to lock up his machine and crash an FC server.

- Davenport got banned from the [FC] community on GT. Now he has resorted to being a disgusting little troll and getting involved spreading lies, then when he is called out for it, denies what he said several days BEFORE getting banned, in reality only making himself look bad. Then Davenport makes up another lie just to top it off: Claiming that Phobos has used 20 different IPs "just to run names of people that got banned". Lol, what a funny delusional idiot.

- Banning trolls has always helped ensure the longevity of a community, so yeah it's a good idea for me to ban every nazi & troll that comes crawling out of the woodwork, especially trolls like Anyder.

- Led is looking the worst out of everyone, but there are many who have made themselves look bad recently. Led is now begging others to join the "hate Phobos out of jealousy and try to steal credit for his creations" club, a pitiful group of low failures. Join Led's Little Liar club today if you want to become a nazi!

- Davenport has stepped up as a big time nazi troll and started creating false reports on Gametracker, trying to ban Phobos from every website he can think of. This kind of malicious trolling coming from a jealous coward nazi who is extremely butthurt he got banned from [FC] and the SWBF Community.

- I think all of swbfLamers has tried to attack Phobos on every website they can, spreading lies out of desperation to other website admins, hoping they will swallow the foul sh1t Led and Anyder are spewing.

- Davenport admits he wanted to troll on GameTracker and laugh at his own incompetence. I'm glad he got himself banned! What a troll

- Incognito another fake plagiarist who wants to believe and spread only lies. What in the world made it so he can't read the truth that is clearly explained here for himself? Oh well, doesn't matter... Already self-explanatory by Anyder's trolling.

Noticing some severe mental disorders Incognito (and a few other trolls) have which compels them, like an obsessive compulsion, to post more weaksauce shit-talk on their extinct dead forum, every single time they see me post another community contribution on here. It's kind of cute, and actually so pathetic that it speaks volumes about their jealousy and how badly they wish they were part of the SWBF community lol 

Shaking_Sniper and Gistech have this to say

Anyder copied my avatar for the second time, this time the crown portion, that poser just keeps getting more and more jealous lol

Star Wars Battlefront II / some asshole crashes servers i join because i beat him
« Last post by mdy13 on August 17, 2017, 11:49:08 PM »
he was on a server in mos eisley, inside a tower somehow switching characters from inside tower wall, the one outside the cantina to the right when looking at spaceport, we still managed to <censored> him up now hes so butthurt he goes in every server i join and tries to disconnect players from host, he now typically signs in with a blank name to not get embarassed for being a coward, but im sure ppl can guess or have an idea who he is either way just pointing out hes a goof... and noob, which he keeps calling me but hes so cringey
Sounds like Anyder trolling the FAKE servers again. Also sounds like all those noobs in the FAKE BF2 server are butthurt cowards who don't know how to get along and enjoy the game hahaha. Once SWBFSpy is ready, there will be no room for trolls to ruin the game for the community. From what I hear, more BF2 players stick with GameRanger than FAKESpy. How ironic, considering the GameRanger host is actually neutral and not hostile towards the playerbase, unlike Led & Anyder, who tyrannically try to censor and block anyone they get jealous of (the exact opposite of how an MS host should act, mind you).

My respect goes out to the GameRanger team for being rational unlike the FAKEspy plagiarists. I would not have had to ban anyone from the SWBFSpy MS, but due to extreme hostility and power abuse of Anyder, Led, and their delusional minions towards the SWBF community, I was required to ban them in return from the real SWBFSpy Masterserver. So you see, they are the ones who started with all of this ungrateful hostility, so they're the ones who get banned. Led & Anyder have banned over 99% of the SWBF Community from their FAKE MS, resulting in them being removed from the community permanently. I've banned 0% of the SWBF community, and 100% of the FAKEspy trolls (more keep crawling out of the woodwork, and getting banned, as our community continues to produce new epic developments for them to piss their pants and drool over). The weak nazis have failed again to kill SWBF lol

Lol at Led's continued censorship crusade. The pathetic coward resorted to publicly defacing my previous profile hosted there. Led is a true Poodoo troll and the number 1 all-time troll of SWBF, with Anyder a close second or possibly tied for first.

Star Wars Battlefront II / some asshole crashes servers i join because i beat him
« Last post by mdy13 on August 17, 2017, 11:49:08 PM »
he was on a server in mos eisley, inside a tower somehow switching characters from inside tower wall, the one outside the cantina to the right when looking at spaceport, we still managed to <censored> him up now hes so butthurt he goes in every server i join and tries to disconnect players from host, he now typically signs in with a blank name to not get embarassed for being a coward, but im sure ppl can guess or have an idea who he is either way just pointing out hes a goof... and noob, which he keeps calling me but hes so cringey

Led is becoming more of a troll with his weak spam. I suggest everyone deletes any messages from Led without reading them. I'll look into settings that don't allow Led to troll our new members at our forum. For trying to steal my master server and plagiarize my forum contributions, Led sure likes to whine a lot and have his stalkers visit my website a lot.

I did block swbfLamers, and am not visiting again on my main account. Anyder can't read cuz too big of #Hyprocrite #IdiotAnyder

Incognito is certainly being delusional still, nobody cares if he's flattered at his own stupidity. ;)

In other news, I banned Anyder from the SWBFSpy steam group today after seeing him try to further abuse his negligible power over a fake group. That bitch poser troll Anyder is now banned from at least 12 different communities and websites (including 2 more added today lmao). Using Tykylo as their troll pawn to attack the community backfired onto them too.

I have banned Anyder and Led from more places than they've banned me (keeping track of each one). In reality, Anyder is never going to be part of the SWBF Community again, since I banned him from that too. Same goes for Led
Another victory for SWBFModders over those backstabbing coward nazi trolls! :cheers:

Led is lashing out and crashing SWBF servers. Be aware of his fascist lies and hostile trolling.

Anyder is extremely jealous of everything I've achieved. It's also why he's never gotten over losing to me in the DTC 2014, and become increasingly hostile ever since then. I built SWBFSpy together with [FC]Wolf and that jealous poser just tries to copy all my achievements and pretend that I'm jealous of him. There is nothing about that poor sucker nazi troll to be jealous of lol, he has not done anything significant for the SWBF Community, only tried to steal credit for the work of others, primarily my creations. I've become the best modder, player, server host, and leader of all time in SWBF.

And just like the jealous poser troll Led, the poor pathetic poser Anyder is supremely jealous of all my contributions and achievements, and thinks that lying to the masses just like Hitler did can change the real truth -- that is because of his severe mental problems
July 27, 2017, 08:03:01 PM by Phobos | Views: 222 | Comments: 1

SWBFSpy Information Website
Good day everyone, I've created an official information website for SWBFSpy. The purpose of this website is to inform all SWBFSpy Community members about everything related to what SWBFSpy is, the administration of our organization, community news, contact info, and downloads.

SWBFSpy Info Website -

Anyone can download the SWBFSpy patches here, but for now, free registration is required to

If any of you want to leave feedback for whatever reason, the contact info is listed on the website. Special thanks to Masaq for uploading the original OpenSpy files, and for [FC]Wolf's initial contributions, which has helped tremendously with the creation of SWBFSpy :cheers:
I've also added a new page to the official SWBFSpy info website for players to contact the server admins for all SWBF1 & SWBF2 game servers hosted on SWBFSpy.

Edit: Community Information page is now available! Check it here:

SWBFSpy is the substitute of the GameSpy master server.
In September 2013, Phobos started the SWBFSpy project and coined the name. [FC]Wolf assisted with the project in the beginning before he retired. The bulk of coding was developed mainly by Luigi and Masaq, the creators of OpenSpy.

Special thanks to all the SWBFSpy Team members who contributed to this project. We're looking for active members to join our team, those who are interested may contact SWBFSpy | Phobos

Official SWBFSpy Team Members (Past & Present)
Phobos = Admin & Coder & Founder
Wolf = Coder & Co-Founder
Luigi = Coder
Soneek = Coder
Masaq = Coder
SirPimped = Promoter
Elite = Promoter

The Administration of SWBFSpy includes Phobos, the Master Server Technician and SWBF Community Leader. There are no other admins currently than the ones listed here, and no community ambassadors for the SWBFSpy project. Moderators of the game servers include SirPimped and Elite, who have helped support our project in many ways.

All the official SWBFSpy Info can be found here: SWBFSpy Info Center[]

We have contacted Kalle to let him know about the fake SWBFSpy,com "project", and that we have written to ModDB and GameTracker about the lies of Anyder/Led/Kalle, and that it is good for others to do the same. Here is a run-down of recent failed attempts by them
- Spreading lies in an attempt to censor the SWBFSpy groups on GameTracker and ModDB, because Anyder/Led/Kalle are jealous of me
- Lies by Kalle claiming that I "used his name", which is false. Another Kalle said was that I claimed "Kalle is my '"code"", which I also never claimed.
- Attempting to write to ModDB to try censoring my contributions like jealous husos

Meaning by this, he does NOT support the lie about SWBFSpy,com

Once again, our Community Leader got in contact with OpenSpy on ZenHax and Facebook to get to know whether some lies were true or not, and he got the following reply:
- "OpenSpy was discontinued in 2015, but our source codes are still available on GitHub for players to use as a base for creating their own master server. We don't need to actively help others build a new masterserver, as our codebases provide more than enough structure already. In other words, we have already helped others build a masterserver by providing the needed codebases for them to modify as needed."

It looks like liars are caught and exposed eventually, and once someone lies, everything they say becomes questionable.


During the month of July 2017 we have registered the .ORG domain just in time to to prevent it being stolen like the others. The Master Server is being coded and improved this month with great progress so far. Our community continues to grow and create awesome mods for SWBF. powered by

Announcements, updates, and soon the official patches can be downloaded from links contained on the SWBFModders Homepage[], our new community website which also launches soon!

If anyone has questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on steam: ZombieDeathMob

The unofficial FAKESpy uses the .com domain and is not supported by the official SWBFSpy community @   
August 09, 2017, 07:35:19 AM by Phobos | Views: 136 | Comments: 0

These are the Rules of the forums:

  • No excessive swearing, the tolerable amount is determined by admins.
  • No racial slurs or insults.
  • No horrible grammar.
  • No sexual content or pornography, or links to any websites with it.
  • Use the "search" feature to see if your question has already been answered.
  • Use English for all posts unless posting translations of important guides.
  • Use relevant thread titles.
  • Do not double post unless approved by admin. Modify posts instead.
  • Do not spam tons of emoticons.
  • Do not type in all CAPS.
  • Do not impersonate others or use multiple accounts.
  • Do not post links containing pirated content.
  • Do not hijack topics or derail threads.
  • Do not act like a "junior moderator".
  • Do not post political or religious topics.
  • Do not start new threads instead of bumping old ones when applicable.
  • Do not insult other players for using fair mods such as radar. Check this thread for more info about radar
  • Do not cyber-bully members of this forum.
  • Do not crash the game servers or try to boot players from them.
  • Do not attempt to DDoS our community servers or websites.
  • Do not set up fake websites or social media accounts using the name SWBFspy and/or SWBFmodders; or commit any willful misrepresentation of SWBFspy and/or SWBFmodders on any websites. Violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban without warning.

Staff reserves the right to determine punishments for offenders, which may include temporary or permanent bans. In extreme cases, offenders will also be blacklisted.

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