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September 2018 - Build 0.969
Download TWD v0.963 here: https://www.swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=296
v0.97 coming Halloween 2018 to SWBFModders!

Builds 0.95 and above are restricted to the active mod dev group @ http://www.SWBFModders.com
The only way to join the mod dev group is to register at www.SWBFModders.com after recieving a signup invitation key code from Phobos on Steam or FCBF.TK

* Due to hostility from the FakeSpy NaziLamers cult of psychotic trolls who are harrassing and cyberstalking Phobos, TWD builds are only uploaded to SWBFModders.com as of build 0.95 and above.
Too bad one rotten apple named Led had to ruin the whole batch for everyone else. If not for the hostility from that troll and the cult of trolls he started, new mod builds would still be released to the public! *

As of May 3rd 2017 v0.94 is available to download on ModDB as an Early Access demo build for alpha testing.
v0.94 Download - Final Public Version
The Walking Dead Battlefront

v0.948 patch = http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-walking-dead-battlefront/downloads/the-walking-dead-battlefront-v0948-patch

v0.91 was released on January 4th 2017 and can be downloaded here
v0.91 Download
The Walking Dead Battlefront

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Night Of The Living Dead

TWD Battlefront Mod Trailer - Mod DB

Mod Trailer: Woodbury - Made To Suffer - Mod DB


TWD Battlefront is officially the best SWBF mod of all time, being designed by SWBFModders.com, the community which leads the evolution of SWBF. The project manager Phobos is the best SWBF modder that has ever been, winner of Halloween SWBF modding contests 2012-2017, modder of the century and SWBFSpy community leader.
The Walking Dead Battlefront is an expansion mod for Star Wars Battlefront being developed by Phobos, the greatest and most talented SWBF modder champion of all-time. (SWBF v1.2 PC 2004)
TWDBF features a Campaign for singleplayer and multiplayer based on the show. Other custom modes such as Deathmatch and Capture The Flag are also being added.
Currently there are only a few active members on The Walking Dead Battlefront Group. To join, create an account on SWBFModders.com and post on The Walking Dead Battlefront Mod Board.

* Due to hostility from the FakeSpy NaziLamers cult of psychotic trolls who are harrassing and cyberstalking Phobos, TWD builds are only uploaded to SWBFModders.com as of build 0.95 and above.
Too bad one rotten apple named Led had to ruin the whole batch for everyone else. If not for the hostility from that troll and the cult of trolls he started, new mod builds would still be released to the public! *

Due to the Summer 2017 hostility and betrayel from trolls Led & Anyder - who are both now banned from the SWBF Community along with their delusional minion trolls - access to this mod is restricted only to authorized players from www.SWBFModders.com In addition, players must have installed the official SWBFSpy MP patch using the "swbfspy.org" hex edit. The SWBFSpy MP patch is included by default, but until it is functional, players must use EvolveHQ to play in the server. The server might also have a password ingame, which can be obtained from Phobos on SWBFModders. v0.94 is the final mod build to be released publicly due to pathetic hostility from jealous haters attempting to PLAgiarize & discredit Phobos' SWBF community contributions over the past 10 years. The public still has access to new preview media (for now), just no more builds.
As of June 2017, the previous domains twd,fcsite,ml & twd,swbfgamers,com are no longer operational and have been deleted by their domain hosts, due to their opposition towards my projects.
Official websites for The Walking Dead Battlefront include the following domains: http://TWD.SWBFModders.com & http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-walking-dead-battlefront

It is now impossible for anyone to hijack or steal the development of this mod project from Phobos using the latest "unmunger" hacks. The v0.94 source is already obsolete, and most of the total mod assets weren't munged into the public LVLs.
What has been released (and all that ever will be) to the public is less than 5% of what's being developed -- alongside the SWBFSpy.org master server -- for new features and future seasons of the mod.
The TWD design document was never posted on Led's failed pathetic dead troll spam forum.

TWD Battlefront servers have multiple security layers preventing any trolls from ever joining. Each of these security measures on their own is enough to keep out most hostilities, but when combined it's guaranteed 100%
1) They are hosted on SWBFSpy.org Master Server, which has an IP whitelist firewall preventing any unauthorized player IPs from even seeing the server.
2) The game server itself also has an IP firewall, preventing anyone unauthorized from connecting to the server.
3) The game server is password protected, and only Phobos is authorized to reveal the password.
4) The latest mod build installers have a limited number of special serial keys that only Phobos is authorized to reveal.
5) The latest mod build installers are also password protected from being launched, so you can't even run the mod installer without a seperate password, which only Phobos is authorized to reveal.

Tyreese Backpack Model Patch required for Season 1 -> http://www.swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=9829 - patched in v0.92
Shiva Tiger Model Conversion required for Season 7 -> https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=95 - patched in v0.97
Steyr AUG Model Conversion required for Season 3 -> https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=109
Buglist for Advanced Hackers/Modders -> https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=printpage;topic=108

Only a few members have access to the Mod Spoilers Board. This contains discussions of plans for the mod design, the direction of storyline arcs and missions for Seasons 1-10, character deaths, and how some of them differ from the source material.
Only Phobos has access to TWD Battlefront Design Document, which is currently over 150,000 characters. This document has never been leaked and outlines everything to be featured in the mod. For a taste of what this looks like, see the NOTLD Design Document

Currently there are plans to build 13 seasons of the mod, which will be 100 missions in the campaign, plus all the other game modes. If the TV show goes longer than 13 seasons, the mod will be expanded too. Over 50+ main characters have already been designed, along with several generic unit classes such as bandits and various types of zombies. There are also many weapons, vehicles, maps, and other features from both the source material and my own ideas. The first 2 seasons are 6 levels, and every season thereafter is 8 levels each. Every four seasons the mod is being released on www.SWBFModders.com as the next version of TWD Battlefront Mod, which contains all the previous seasons (and bugfixes if needed). The Walking Dead Battlefront v2.0 features the first 8 seasons. v3.0 is the planned final version of this epic mod and will include an extra season, being 13 seasons total. Also, now that Morgan is crossing over to FTWD, I will be adding some FTWD characters and missions to TWD Battlefront.

This mod is much different to stock SWBF and plays as it's own Walking Dead video game. Each level of the campaign features a mission briefing and voiceover. Cutscenes from the show and comic are included in between missions, along with mod cutscenes filmed using in-game characters. Not every character can be included due to lack of player models, Carl and Michonne are excluded from the mod. About the tank in season 1 that Rick finds abandoned in the streets of Atlanta: In the mod, Sergeant Tyreese Williams (nicknamed "T-Dog") is the tank driver, the only survivor of his platoon. He is armed with an M40 sniper rifle, Beretta M9 handgun, Dynamite, and a Hammer. Glenn is a tuxedo-wearing limosuine driver. Andrea is a samurai who uses the katana, since Michonne can't be featured yet. Dr. Edwin Jenner is also a main character who uses an M4A1 carbine and shaolin monk spade. The mod has several differences compared to the show including changes to storyline, locations, weapons, and character deaths.

This mod is designed to support USB controller autoaim by default, though it can be disabled by server hosts. Existing mod maps for SWBF are featured, as well as brand new custom maps based on the show, such as the Farm, Prison, Terminus, etc. One of the biggest differences is that Alexandria and Hilltop are never seen (only a few survivors) due to having already been destroyed by The Saviors, instead the group settles at Terminus which is located on the coast near a lighthouse. Ideas are combined from The Walking Dead Comics and TV Series such as Fear The Walking Dead and Z Nation, along with an Atlantic Oil Rig storyline featured in Season 5. Zombie animals are included such as Z Dogs, which are capable of running fast, tactical aggression, and jumping towards prey. This mod features a diversity of zombies such as the classic Romero Walkers, Runners, Crawlers, Bloaters, Brutes and other Armored Zeds, in addition to Z Dogs, Z Bears, Z Lions, and Z Elephants. The Whisperer War from the comics is also being included and greatly expanded on, whether or not the show gets to that storyline.

Season 5 of TWD Battlefront is planned to include a story arc and custom mod map for an oil rig at sea, which is not seen in the comic or show. In the mod, the location and design of Terminus is altered - it is a shipping yard on the Atlantic coast with a lighthouse nearby. On the show the first few episodes of Season 5 were amazing, but the quality declined a lot after the Terminus arc concluded. Grady Memorial Hospital and Alexandria are story arcs not included in the mod, instead Terminus is settled, and in Season 5B a convoy is sent to explore the oil rig after radio contact is made with a mysterious inhabitant.

Featuring 6 Unique Game Modes!
This mod adds several new gameplay modes to SWBF1 for a variety of replay value. Currently Deathmatch and TDM are only supported in SP, though support for MP could be added in a future patch using era script mods.
Apocalypse Campaign - The main mode featuring playable missions from the TV series. Includes non-canon special zombies such as brutes, bloaters, runners, and Z dogs. In singleplayer, maps are beaten progressively and certain bonuses can be unlocked. In multiplayer, maps can be played out of order as chosen by the server host, up to 24 maps per session.
Capture The Flag - Ideas for CTF mode are being tested, one-flag mode should be possible using a new workaround idea, though it might not function exactly as SWBF2 and only on a limited number of maps.
Deathmatch - Every player and AI fights for themselves on randomized stock maps, with the main factions being randomized TWD characters and bandits. Zombies are featured on stock maps with native support.
Team Deathmatch - Combat on a randomized stock map, with randomized main factions and native factions, such as survivors vs zombies, bandits vs zombies, survivors vs bandits, etc.
Infected Mercy - Everyone in your group has been bitten by zombies and infected with the virus. All your friends have already died and become zombies; they must be given a final mercy shot before either you turn into a zombie or kill yourself. You're on a timer and only have five minutes before dying from infection and blood loss. Additional injuries from zombies reduce your lifespan even further.
Undead Assault - Survive 10 increasingly difficult waves of undead siege on iconic maps such as The Farm, Prison, Woodbury, and Terminus. This is the hardest mode and can only be featured for a few maps.

TWD Battlefront Mod Season 9 Confirmed! - WHISPERS INTO SCREAMS -

The Atlanta OGs = Rick, Shane, Morgan, Glenn, Andrea, Morales, T-Dog/Tyreese, Merle, Lori, Jim, Dale, Carol, Daryl, Guillermo, Edwin
*SPOILER WARNING* Season 1 of the mod introduces 15 playable main characters. Most of them won't survive all 13 seasons of the campaign. In the comics there are currently only 3 Original Atlanteans still alive (as of Issue 175: Rick Carl Sophia), and in the show there are 4 (as of S08E09: Rick Daryl Carol Morgan). The Walking Dead Battlefront is about as different to the show as the show is to the comic, so it features both iconic similarities and unique remixes to The Walking Dead storyline. From what I have planned in TWDBF Design Document, by the time the Mod gets to halfway through Season 8, there will be 6 Atlanta Originals still alive (though I won't spoil who they are).

Preview Character Models Seasons 1-2

Favorite TWD Season 1 Character

Season 0 - Before The Apocalypse
0 - Flashback: Days Gone Bye

Season 1 - Days Gone Bye
1 - Atlanta Grantville Park
2 - Atlanta City Streets
3 - Atlanta Nursing Home
4 - Atlanta Survivor Camp
5 - Atlanta Skyscraper Roof
6 - Atlanta Center for Disease Control

Season 2 - Miles Behind Us
7 - Interstate 85: What Lies Ahead
8 - FEMA Aid Station
9 - Hershel's Farm
10 - Carriage Castle Tavern
11 - The Executioner
12 - Miles Behind Us

Season 3 - Made To Suffer
13 - Prison: Safety Behind Bars
14 - Prison: The Killer Within
15 - Prison: The Calm Before
16 - Helicopter Crashsite
17 - Woodbury: Made To Suffer
18 - Woodbury: The Suicide King
19 - Grassy Plains: Prey
20 - Abandoned Warehouse

Season 4 - Too Far Gone
21 - Veterinary Medical Station
22 - Wilteshire Estates
23 - Prison: Too Far Gone Pt.1
24 - Prison: Too Far Gone Pt.2
25 - Forest Temple Ruins
26 - Haunted Swamps
27 - The Grove
28 - Claimers Campsite

Season 5 - Fear The Hunters
29 - Terminus: No Sanctuary
30 - TBA

10 Main Zombie Types
Shambler - Slower than walkers and extremely rotted, they use mostly smell to detect prey (high radar)
Walker - The most common type of zombie. Faster than shamblers but slower than runners, they use sound to hunt humans (medium radar)
Runner - Much faster than walkers, freshly turned sprinting zombies that rely on sight to find their next meal (low radar)
Brutes - Armored zombies such as police, SWAT, military, and chainmail zombies. These have helmets and other types of body armor for enhanced protection.
Each type of brute has a walker and runner variant, all of which sometimes drop ammo when killed. These have the highest HP of all brutes, cop brutes have the lowest.
Crawler - Slowest zombies of all, these have no legs, they crawl silently and often sneak around to hidden sniper locations, able to pull enemies down to the ground. Cop crawlers sometimes drop ammo.
Boomer/Bloater - Faster than crawlers but slower than shamblers, Bloaters have the highest HP of all human zombies, though they are 2x weaker to fire and explosive damage. Bloaters vomit deadly toxic bile at enemies from a short distance.
They also explode when killed, releasing deadly fumes. The Boomer is a weaker version of the Bloater. Melee combat is not recommended against either Bloaters or Boomers, but should be timed and coordinated properly when required.
Zombie Dog - Z Dogs are very fast zombies, which have slightly more health than Z cops. They also jump frantically around the map and move in unpredictable patterns to avoid being shot at.
Zombified canines can smell players from anywhere (max radar) and are considered extremely dangerous, they should be killed on sight. Due to the dog model being unrigged, currently they are not animated, and appear to hover and float around the map.
Zombie Bear - Z Bears are ferocious creatures. They run slightly faster than Z Dogs, but slower than Z Lions. Their attacks are twice as deadly as the Z Lions. They are so aggressive that they don't strafe like the dogs and lions, rather they charge directly at their prey.
Zombie Lion - Z Lions are much more dangerous than Z Dogs. Zombie Lions are the fastest zombies of all and a present a huge threat on the battlefield, but are rare to spawn. They also try to dodge attacks and jump around with unpredictable movement patterns.
Zombie Elephant - Z Elephants are the deadliest and rarest zombies in the game, with tons of HP. Zombified elephants run as fast as humans, charging directly at their prey like Z Bears. They use their tusks and aggressive stomping to mercilessly decimate enemies.
Their attacks are instantly lethal, and they have been known to crush even the most powerful armored vehicles during their furious rampages. Massive firepower and/or explosives are required to bring down a Zelephant, don't even think about using melee...

Featured Vehicles
Admiral Kuznetsov Class Carrier, AH-6 Helicopter, Airplane, Astronaut Suit, Bicycle, Bombshell, Car, Chinook Helicopter, Discovery One, Forklift, Gyrocopter, Hazmat Suit, Hippy Van, Hummer +Turret, International Space Station, Jetpack, Jet Ski, Limousine +Turret+PropaneTank, Motorcycle, Motorhome/RV, Paraglider, Quad, Police Cruiser, Sailbarge, Snowmobile, Submarine, SUV, Tank, Tractor, Truck Wreckage, UFO, U-HAUL

Featured Weapons
Bows: Wooden Longbow, Deflex Compound Bow, Reflex Compound Bow, Horton Scout HD 125 Crossbow, Black Ops Explosive Crossbow
Handguns: Flintlock Pistol, Luger Parabellum 1908, Walther PPK, Beretta M9, Heckler & Koch P30, M93R Burst, Smith & Wesson M1917 Revolver, Colt 1851 Navy Revolver, Desert Eagle Mark VII (silver & black variants)
Submachine Guns: MAC-10, MP5A3, Tommy Gun, Lettet-Forsøgs, Uzi
Assault Rifles: AK-47, AK-74S, M16A2, M16A4, M4A1 Carbine, XM8, Steyr AUG, M249 SAW, M4 Carbine + attached M203 Grenade Launcher
Sniper Rifles: Flintlock Musket, Winchester Model 70 Bolt-Action Rifle, Winchester Model 94 Lever-Action Rifle, M40A3 Tactical Sniper Rifle, Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle, Barrett M82A1 .50 Cal Sniper Rifle
Shotguns: Remington 1100 Tactical Shotgun, Remington 870 Marine Magnum, Winchester 1897 Trenchgun, Atchisson Assault Shotgun (AA-12)
Demolitions/Fire: Explosive Bolts, Molotov Cocktails, M-67 Grenades, Landmines, Propane Tank Bombs, Dynamite, WW2 Flamethrower, MultiMortar Grenade Launcher, RPG-7 Launcher
Misc: Caltrops, Javelins, Log Traps, Catapult, Chainsword, Gravity Gun, Chaingun/Minigun, Sentry Turret, Viking Shield, All Vehicle Weapons
Melee: ~ 40 weapons as of v0.97 http://i.imgur.com/DuMPAXL.png
Barbed Wire Bat, Baseball Bat, Bastard Sword, Bladed Brass Knuckle, Camp Axe, Chainsword, Climbing Axe, Cricket Bat, Crowbar, Fireaxe, Flanged Mace, Gator Machete, Gator Machete Pro, Gladius, Glaive, Halberd, Hammer, Hatchet, Ice Axe, Javelin, Katana, KBAR Knife, Kitchen Knife, Knife, Long Sickle, Lumphammer, Ox Tounge Spear, Parang, Pickaxe, Pitchfork, Reclining Moon Blade, Scythe, Shaolin Monk Spade, Shovel, Sickle, Sledgehammer, Trenchknife, Viking Battle Axe, Warblade, Wrench

Favorite Zombie Apocalypse Melee Weapon

Created by

LedTroll becoming increasingly hostile as predicted during July 2017

I have just purchased and manually ported the Lucille model created by Urgo (using Ginev's tutorial) and deleted the model that was purchased by Led. Therefore, Led has contributed absolutely nothing to TWD Battlefront.
The SWBF community should be aware of Led's increasing hostility towards the greatest SWBF mod of all time. More/all of my past contributions on his forum are likely to be censored soon, but anything he deletes can be reuploaded to SWBFModders.
The tyrants have finally been removed from (their temporarily delegated) power, and a new era of free modding begins!

Download Zombie Castle Mod! http://www.moddb.com/mods/zombie-castle
I realize Ultimo is jealous of my modding skills and wants to discredit me for the Zombie Castle map I reskinned. No need to ask that plagiarist troll for help, he's essentially been banned from the SWBF community and tried to steal credit for my uploads, done so by his actions. Ultimo doesn't deserve any credit for anything, since he built no mods for SWBF. You can find the true credits in the description of the mod on ModDB.com, FCBF.tk and SWBFModders.com
Ultimo is lying again, my assets were never abandoned. All of them are either on my harddrive or SWBFModders.com He's the one who abandoned access to all future mod assets, done so by his actions. I reskinned Zombie Castle, the jealous troll Ultimo is trying to take credit for it, yet he contributed nothing.

ReadMe Addendum:
God Emperor aka Commander Hazard and 411Remnant aka TwinkeyRunaway are now banned from TWD group and the SWBF community for being trolls. GoldMan27 is also banned from SWBFSpy for being a troll.
I just always find it so annoying that people have the gall to complain about modders who create their own unique ideas for mods (and ask others not to copy/reuse their mods without giving credit), all because they are incapable of creating their own original ideas for mods... Also any decently made mod, comes with a readme stating that reproduction of the mod is forbidden to those who spread hate towards the mod, and acknowledges that proper credits are given. Any indecent modder would get upset if the option for them to copy it wasn't available. It's my TWD mod source built upon my own creativity, if you don't like it, build your own mod idea. Also, in my very recent experience, those crying about how they were exposed for being fascist, really means they are upset and in denial of their fascist behavior, and pretending they have something that others want, even when they don't. This is how it has always worked, and will work, at least on led's dead troll spam forum.
Even with the ZeroBuilder mod tools, I've modified, shared, and reproduced content that was freely distributed to the public by LucasArts over 12 years ago.... as well as gaining access to source materials and content that we WERE meant to have access to. Psych0fred would not have released them if we weren't meant to access them. Some delusional idiots still can't get that through their head though lol. The .EXE doesn't matter either, if they cared that changes were made to it, they would have censored the no-cd patches years ago. Again, some noobs just like to cry and be ungrateful for psych0fred (and myself) sharing all that he has with us over the years.... Seems to be the case that most "wannabe modders" or "non-developers" now-a-days just wanna talk shit and try to insult the modders they're jealous of.... All running aside their delusional misunderstandings of copyright / intellectual property, jealousy of mod hype, all the meanwhile spewing the same old fascist rhetoric. If you want to complain about legal and copyright issues, contact disney and see if they give a crap about some hex edited .EXE file..... Some ideas are so epic they take years to fully develop. Noobs with short attention spans who can't even spend more than a month on one project have no place in trying to take on projects like ours.

Update Dec 2017: I've noticed another tragically ignorant troll spreading more lies that assets for real-world guns and vehicles are "unused" in SWBF. This is false, as anyone with at least 10 IQ can see that TWD Battlefront is making use of most, if not all of such assets. In fact, every month I'm porting new real-world weapons to SWBF specifically for this mod! TWD Battlefront is bigger and better than any other SWBF mod in existence. There really aren't any possible better uses for them than this mod anyway. Trolls are too consumed by their jealousy and resort to pretending that I'm not using or creating these mod assets for the SWBF community, lol!