Star Wars Battlefront Patches

These are the games we are developing the official internet multiplayer patch for on both the PC & PS2.

SWBFSpy Credits

Credits for the previous OpenSpy master server go to CHC, Luigi, Soneek, Spanky, & Masaq:

Credits for SWBFSpy go to [FC]Phobos and [FC]Wolf, who founded the SWBFSpy project and organization on September 4th, 2013. Wolf has been inactive since 2014, so the only admin currently is Phobos. The master server code is currently being upgraded using OpenSpy source. FakeShare/FakeMaster is not being used for SWBFSpy, only OpenSpy source code.
See our official GitHub page for more info about SWBFSpy, ZeroFront, and ZeroBuilder:

As of May 2018, SWBFSpy is now fully operational for SWBF1 and SWBF2 on PC and PS2! It is now officially accessible for whitelisted players and supporters only. More features such as Leaderboards and Server List are still being developed. The official SWBFSpy Live Leaderboards page is also being added to track player stats, which will be visible here once ready:

The community hosts the SWBFspy Master Server, along with stock and modded Game Servers on the PC and PS2 platforms, for both SWBF and SWBF2.

Questions or comments about the patches can be sent to SWBFSpy Founder/CEO Phobos, or posted to

Players are welcome to join our community for help with modding, playing, and organized tournaments for SWBF and SWBF2! Approval from Phobos is now required to register on the forum.

Only those in good standing with who have the right knowledge and experience are allowed to help improve SWBFSpy and our new backup testbed MS for adding leaderboards. supports multiplayer using the Openspy service called (beware of similar sounding fakes being spammed by trolls).
Our SWBFspy service works just the same as Gamespy did back in the day. We also support leaderboards, hacked servers, & player profiles, unlike the fakespy poser failure being spammed by jealous trolls.

Just thought I'd mention how LedTroll was spewing lies on Steam back in May 2017 about how he one day would "give me everything for SWBF". Lol! As if that poor poser troll ever had anything to give rofl...
LedTroll never did have and never will have anything important. I have the real master server, so no need for his fake failure. I have the real SWBF community forum, no need for his dead troll spamfest. I can make dope mods, he can't, etc.

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Steam Guide of How to Install SWBFSpy Online Patch (Archived August 2017 - *being updated by Summer 2018*)

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